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RFID Enabled Tracking solutions for Airports: Suspect Bag, Assets, MRO, Catering and Cargo

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First of its kind tracking solutions for the airport industry

TrackIT is a focused RFID enabled integrated tracking and visibility solutions provider to airports worldwide. TrackIT’s EnTrack suite of products enable security, operational efficiency, increase non-aviation revenue in airports. Many modern airports in the GCC region have adopted EnTrack solutions to track suspect bags and assets.

TrackIT’s EnTrack suite:

  • EnTrackBag – Suspect Bag Tracking solutions
  • EnTrackAsset – Asset Tracking solutions (hybrid technology-Barcode/RFID)
  • EnTrackMRO – MRO Tools and Spare parts Tracking
  • EnTrackCatering – Flight Catering, People and Item Tracking
  • EnTrackCargo – Air Cargo ULD and Pallet Tracking

EnTrackBag: RFID Enabled Suspect Bag Tracking Solution

EnTrackBag is a comprehensive suspect bag tracking system for airport customs that facilitates airport customs to identify and uniquely tag a suspect bag. Subsequently, that bag can be unobtrusively tracked or located and relevant officials can then be alerted. Integration with CCTV cameras gives extra pair of eyes to the security personal to track the moment of the suspect’s bag in the airport. The system also enables airports to profile passengers and build a database that can be used to significantly enhance security.

  • Unobtrusive identification of the suspect bag at customs exit
  • Integrate BHS, screening system and passenger data
  • Supports sniffer dog identified suspect bag
  • Track the bag in the airport terminal at key locations
  • No false or repeat alarms
  • Ability to profile passengers
  • Ability to uniquely identify every suspect bag
  • Ability to access the scanned image of the suspect bag
  • End-of-the-day automatic reporting

EnTrackAsset: Asset Tracking Solution (Hybrid Technology-Barcode/RFID)

EnTrackAsset offers a robust asset tracking solution to build and maintain master asset registry for various entities of airports. The system enables tracking of movable and non-movable assets throughout the life cycle of assets from its purchase till disposal.

EnTrackBag is an RFID-enabled suspect bag tracking solution to unobtrusively track, locate and monitor the movement of the suspect's bag in the airport.
EnTrackAsset is an RFID-enabled asset tracking solution for tracking and locating airport assets effortlessly and maintaining efficient master asset registry / database.
EnTrackMRO is an RFID-enabled maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) tools and spare parts tracking solution.
EnTrackCatering - People and Item tracking at airports.
EnTrackCargo: RFID enabled Air Cargo ULD and Pallet Tracking solution for airport.
  • Efficient Master Asset registry/ database
  • Increased asset visibility and utilization
  • Better resource planning
  • Track and locate assets efficiently and effortlessly
  • Tighter asset control and lower replacement costs.
  • Demonstrate, audit and document regulatory compliance
  • Support life cycle management and scale more efficiently
  • Asset accounting with reports of asset locations, trends, status and history
  • Automated collection/ management of assets
  • Streamline processes to be more effective
  • Maintain chain of custody documentation
  • Module for calculation depreciation
  • Tracking of insurance and warranty
  • Easy, dynamic and custom reporting

EnTrackMRO: RFID Enabled Tracking of MRO Tools & Spare Parts

EnTrack product suite helps maintenance and engineering department in tracking tools and spare parts. Maintaining accurate inventory of tools and spare parts to ensure better resource utilization and planning.

  • Track tool service from POS to disposal
  • Automated tracking of tools / inventory in and out of secured area
  • Identification of tools at service center effortlessly
  • Inventory and order optimization
  • Indirect material supply chain management
  • Seamless integration to ERPs and job card systems

EnTrackCatering: Flight Catering – People and Item Tracking

EnTrack enables airports to track people, tools, kitchen equipment and knives from management and security perspective.

  • Solution platform to support tracking from employees to visitors, loyalty customers and VIPs
  • Key portals automatically detect individual’s entry and notes their identity, status and time of access
  • Automated tracking of employee time and attendance
  • Verify individual’s status and areas of access
  • Ensure visitor’s/ guests prompt service or patients medical assistance
  • Timely Tracking, Locating and Evacuation of individuals from plant site at the time of fire and other emergencies

EnTrackCargo: Air Cargo ULD and Pallet Tracking

EnTrack product suite provides a complete real-time and nested tracking solution for Air Cargo ULDs and pallets.

About TrackIT Solutions

TrackIT Solutions FZ LLC is a focused tracking solution provider with emphasis on Auto ID (RFID, Bar-coding) technology. We offer world-class, end-to-end tracking and visibility solutions. Please send us your business enquiry to learn more about our solutions in detail.

Press Releases

  • TrackIT’s EnTrackBag tracks over a Million Suspect Bags at Airports

    Air travellers look for better passenger experience in air and in the terminal. It is a challenge for airport authorities to provide better customer experience while not compromising on security. It is a bigger challenge while scanning for contraband and making sure that a common traveller is not subjected to any inconvenience.

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Suite #303, Building 8
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