Efla is one of the leading manufacturers of aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) transformers and connectors. Its products meet the most demanding customer specifications for product quality, customisation and service. As a result, Efla now works in close cooperation with leading total-solution suppliers globally.

Aeronautical ground lighting transformers

The company’s transformers and connectors go through a thorough testing procedure during the design and production phases. They are well known for reliability and ease of installation, and are used by several major airports in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Efla is certified by the FAA, IEC and MAK. It has also had ISO 9001 and 14000 in place since the early 1990s.

The range includes two different series of AGL-transformer for series circuits. The new KD600-series range has been designed to allow for the adjustment of series circuit-fed addressable lighting systems. As a result of the increasing demand for LED-AGL lights, Efla has made now two lower-wattage transformers available. It also stocks voltage transformers for heliports, and builds transformers to order.

Primary connector kits for cables

Efla stocks primary and secondary connector kits for a wide range of cables. Its KDR600 resin-filled connector kit is popular worldwide. Primary connectors are available for screened (shielded) and unscreened (unshielded) cables. All primary connectors comply with the appropriate FAA 5345-26 requirements for plugs and receptacles (cable connectors). Primary connectors delivered as kits, with parts for a plug and a receptacle pair. Clients will be able to guarantee a watertight post-installation connection.

Efla transformers undergo an extensive testing procedure.
Efla responded to the increased demand for LED aeronautical ground lighting by producing two lower-wattage transformers.
Efla transformers are dispatched to clients worldwide.

Cables and wires secondary connector kits

Secondary connectors are packed and delivered in kits including all the necessary parts for making the assembly on secondary cables or wires. Each secondary connector kit contains parts for a plug or a receptacle, resulting in a watertight post-installation connection.

Prefabricated moulded leads and extension cords

Efla manufactures a wide range of prefabricated leads and extension cords. As the demand for prefabricated moulded leads has grown, Efla has expanded its capacity to produce custom-built leads for customers. These can measure anything from half a metre in length to several hundred metres. The result is a high-performance circuit and rapid installation. It can also produce higher-temperature variants.