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TETRA Communications Systems for Airport Applications

DAMM is a leading provider of rugged, reliable, and easily scalable terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) voice and data communications.

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DAMM is a leading provider of rugged, reliable, and easily scalable terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) voice and data communications.

The company has been a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication. DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and the reduction of complexity

Specialists in voice and data communications in the airport sector

Through cooperation with leading airport providers worldwide, DAMM understands the critical importance of communications within transport infrastructures.

DAMM’s TetraFlex® solution delivers high-performance and feature-rich digital TETRA voice and data communications, providing crucial communications integration across all airport functions for increased efficiency and optimised safety.

Designed to be mounted on top of the mast, the TetraFlex compact and ruggedised outdoor base station eliminates feeder loss and lowers the cost of installation.
The TetraFlex high-capacity indoor base station is highly reliable, and features a unique design making it ideal for mission-critical communications.
Increasing the efficiency of airport operations and organisations, the TetraFlex Dispatcher can help manage any individuals and groups.
TetraFlex allows for full voice recording and data logging, keeping statistics on operational performance to hand for easy accessibility.
Sharing data between devices is a vital part of modern communications. TetraFlex Packet Data Gateway allows for IP communication between TETRA mobiles and attached units, such as laptops, application servers, workstations, FTP server, and WAP servers.
Verbal communication is quick and efficient with the TetraFlex Voice Gateway, which allows for connectivity to voice communication via external PBX / Gatekeeper using SIP protocol.
The TetraFlex API and logging API help ease connectivity to third-party and customised applications such as alarms, dispatching and automatic vehicle location (AVL) solutions.
TetraFlex Group Bridge is highly flexible, enabling you to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks.
DAMM offers a client both Windows and Android, meaning TetraFlex users benefit from extensive coverage and additional data capacity for videos and pictures.
DAMM offers a TETRA system based on decentralised architecture, allowing clients to scale-up, scale-down and move around at their preferred speed.

Optimised installation for airport requirements

The compact TetraFlex IP65 encapsulated and ruggedised outdoor base station has been optimised for use across the entirety of airport sites. It is ideally suited for use in adverse environments, and can be mounted directly on buildings or masts, saving significantly on installation costs.

Intelligent networks resulting in minimal downtime of systems

The TetraFlex solution has minimal downtime due to full redundancy of components, critical system information, and the system’s intelligent distributed network architecture.

If a site loses connection to the rest of the network, there is no cause for alarm. All information is constantly replicated to every site in the network, allowing call and data traffic to continue uninterrupted.

Complete coverage and scalability across entire airport networks

Airport operations, airline staff, and emergency units can all be linked through the intergrated communications created as a result of the fully IP-based technology used by TetraFlex digital voice and date communications solutions.

This enhances efficiency and safety, and also gives full flexibility in site and capacity expansions, even during operation.

High-quality private and group telephony communications

Groups and staff teams can easily be coordinated; defined through user input. The highly flexible voice communication services support individual private calls, group calls, telephony communications (PSTN), and more, always with crystal-clear voice quality, even in the noisiest areas.

For emergency incidents, the system provides emergency calls, man-down facilities and override functions.

Efficient SCADA and telemetry data communication services

TetraFlex data services provide data used to achieve operational efficiency in, for example, resource management through the simple exchange of status messaging without the need for additional bandwidth.

It also enables supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry data to be used for reporting alarms and failures, or collecting data for improving operational performances in support of third-party applications.

Increased operational performance as a result of embedded software applications

Voice and data recording and replay can be performed using TetraFlex, enabling effortless incident reconstructions and gathering valuable statistics on operational performance.

Users can also easily be dispatched by the operational centres through use of TetraFlex’s dispatcher solution.

Unlimited third-party application accessibility

TetraFlex is fitted with an accessible application programming interface (API) allowing for straightforward development and integration of existing or customer-designed airport applications, such as workflow management or the airport flight information database.

Key TetraFlex features for airport communications

  • 100% reliability: redundancy, back-ups, no single point of failure
  • Spectrum efficiency
  • High voice quality – low background noise
  • Priority calls and full duplex calls
  • Full encryption
  • Data capabilities
  • Flight-oriented dynamic group assignments
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor radio coverage
  • Easy and quick scalability without interruption to service
  • GPS positioning system
  • Easily accessible API for integration into third-party systems
  • DAMM solutions and support are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners

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Products & services

  • TetraFlex Group Bridge

    The TetraFlex® Group Bridge allows for group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks, creating interoperability between many different systems.

  • TetraFlex Dispatcher

    The TetraFlex® Dispatcher is a great tool for organisations seeking to increase their efficiency when managing a fleet of subscribers, while also commanding, controlling and monitoring radio communications.

  • TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System

    The TetraFlex® Voice and Data Log System provides accurate voice and data recording facilities, as well as a wide range of logging facilities for call data records (CDR).

  • TetraFlex Indoor Base Station System

    The high capacity TetraFlex® Indoor System features a highly reliable and unique design, while remaining cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly.

  • TetraFlex Outdoor Base Station System

    The TetraFlex® Outdoor System is both cost-effective and user-friendly. It features an innovation design, making it the ideal solution for mission critical communications.

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