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Customised Airport ATC Systems

iBross has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of air traffic control (ATC) / air traffic management (ATM) system development and upgrade.

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iBross has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of air traffic control (ATC) / air traffic management (ATM) system development and upgrade.

iBross designs and supplies solutions for ATC / ATM, airspace management and flexible use of airspace, civil-military integration, TWR / radar simulators, electronics flight progress strips, ATC consoles, mobile and modular ATC towers, prefabricated ATC cabins, ATC structures, heliports, containers / shelters facilities, airforce command and control systems on all levels, including mobile versions.

In partnership with European ATC industry original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners (VHF/UHF, VCS, AWOS, ATIS), turnkey solutions are provided for airport, drone or radar upgrade, radar networking, video surveillance, remote ATC towers, monitoring and control systems.

ATC / ATM upgrades

ATC/ATM system for tower control, approach control, en-route control of GAT/OAT, with enhanced ASM/FUA functionality at all ASM 1-3 Levels. Other features are available, as full civil-military (coordination, technical, operational) integration, radar networking, ACC-airports integration, as well as electronics flight progress strips.

Each project focuses on configuration and customisation of the system to site requirements such as data formats, data presentation, data processing, system interfaces and integration.

The system can operate as a main, backup, contingency or particular features can be integrated with existing ATC system (typically electronics strips).

ATC consoles

ATC consoles are designed for each ATC individually, respecting customer expectations, operations room layout, existing and new equipment integration.

ATC console provides a two-in-one design of technological furniture providing optimal comfort and ergonomics for ATC controllers, equipped with fixed or adjustable desktop from Corian / HiMacs acrylic as the ultimate hygienic material, equipped with technological and professional office gadgets to simplify equipment control and built-in racks for technology, all included in the design of office furniture.

Since the first advanced ATC consoles were supplied, numerous designs have been provided for TWR consoles, APP consoles, FIR console, SAR consoles, mobile ATC units consoles and consoles for airforce command and control system, including mobile command posts.

Mobile ATC towers

A wide range of proven  mobile ATC tower (MATCT) configurations is available, each designed individually according to user requirements, with optional cabin size (from two to six operators), cabin elevation (6m-11m) and platform (trailer, semitrailer, truck),  as well as additional facility shelters and equipped with required CNS/ATM/AWOS configuration.

Special MATCT versions are available, including air transportable MATC than can be boarded (C-130, C-17, IL-76) as a single unit, truck versions with heavy terrain versions on 8×8 trucks, and mobile airfield with an integrated radar control system and other airfield facilities.

Modular ATC towers and facilities

A cost-effective version of mobile tower in transportable ATCT version, for long-term operation at the given site providing advantages as with zero maintenance costs, expandable size (equipment room, office rooms, resting room, kitchen, washroom, shower). In comparison with regular concrete TWR towers, construction permission is not needed and deployment can be carried out in a very short time (one to five days, depending on configuration).

Individually designed in standard 20ft and 40ft sizes (containers kit) or customised pre-fabricated modular building (metal skeleton and walls kit). Including prefabricated tower cabins with options to be fully equipped with working positions CNS/ATM/AWOS in regular ATC TWR console.

ATC simulator

Visual TWR, radar and procedural simulator for complete training from Ab-initio to progressive level.

Comparing to similar products, it is designed by active ATC staff, that are aware of the standard real operational environment simulation of airspace, procedures, surrounding, weather and HMI. It offers user-friendly control, very short time for complex exercise creation, useful functions and low cost.

About iBross

iBross was originally found as ALES, Košice by Radar and IT professionals from Czechoslovak Air Force, that at the same time, a first advanced LETVIS ATC system commissioning has started at MACC Prague and at MACC Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), with first European implementation of PC-based radar data display, electronics strips and ATC console.

Since then, numerous and various projects have been completed in Europe, in CIS countries of the former Soviet Union, Middle East, Africa, India and Asia, including airforce clients. Supplies and services has been provided to other ATC industry companies such as Jotron AS, Rohde-Schwarz, Indra Navia and Frequentis.

What makes iBross different is project-driven philosophy and customised design. Each project is designed with careful implementation of client requirements. Existing equipment such as older radars can be integrated and turn-key projects can be delivered by integration of other equipment.

If you are looking for any product or services mentioned or for a turnkey solution for your ATCC. We will be glad to share our experiences with you and help to create your fully customised solution.

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