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Failsafe Telecommunication and Computer Systems for ATC

São PauloRua do Rocio, 313 - 11º andar,
04552-000 - Vila Olímpia,
São Paulo-SP,

São PauloRua do Rocio, 313 - 11º andar,
04552-000 - Vila Olímpia,
São Paulo-SP,


Atech is a corporate group with experience in assimilating technological know-how, particularly relating to commanding technology dedicated to air traffic control (ATC) and the air defence sector. Our speciality is having the capability to integrate and develop mission critical systems, capable of providing accurate data, presented on friendly graphic user interface, necessary to guarantee air navigation safety.

Atech’s foundations are based on the knowledge and experience of its professionals, accumulated in providing project consulting and turnkey solutions covering the whole range of Air Traffic Management Systems.

Management and control system for air space

In today’s busy skies, Atech products help to ensure safe and efficient air travel with proven solutions for military and civilian en route and approach air traffic management (ATM) applications even in regions of high air-traffic density.

Our management and control system for air space, called ASMACS, is a member of the Atech family of ATM products, has been fully operational for more than ten years, and is designed to support ATC and ATM for civilian and military markets. The wide range of functionalities embedded in this management and control system for air space, coupled with its flexibility and modularity, provide support and automate the procedures involved in air traffic coordination and control in terminal areas as well as en route, in full compliance with international standards.

Radar data visualisation and processing systems

ASMACS is the successful and proven system adopted by the Brazilian authorities to provide radar data visualisation and processing in the main Brazilian ATC centres, Venezuela Airspace and Aruba.

Fully operational, busy terminal areas such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Maiquetía and area control centres of Curitiba, Recife, Brasília, Manaus and Maiquetía depend on the capabilities and resources of ASMACS.

ASMACS provides visualisation to as many control positions as needed, based on a distributed architecture system consisting of dual-configuration radar data and flight plan data processing servers. Air traffic controllers are provided with radar data visualisation associated with flight plan information, in real-time processing. Flight plans are also displayed to the controllers in an electronic strip format.

Tracks and electronic strips are presented in different colours to represent alert situations and flight-plan status.

New Generation ATM System

SAGITARIO is the newest ATM system developed by ATECH, based on best practices established by EUROCONTROL, and includes the modernization of human-machine interface, information organization from different degrees of complexity, multi-sensor surveillance (Radar, ADS-B and ADS-C, Multilateration), higher data fusion capacity, arrival management (AMAN), and other functionalities.

In addition to the included services that automatically trigger alerts in emergency situations which require a fast interference with the flight plan, the SAGITARIO ensures agility through the menu of alternatives accessed on the screen of the air situation through smart labels, symbols or colors adopted internationally.

SAGITARIO has been successfully deployed at the Curitiba ACC, in Brazil.

Mobile stand-alone ATC system

The demand for small ATC and controlled-approach systems, for temporary, backup, mobile or transportable systems in civil or military applications, is now fulfilled with our ATC in a Box mobile stand-alone ATC system.

Taking advantage of the current hardware processing power and software technology architecture (to reduce costs) we can create a flexible and cost-effective full ATC solution for you. The ATC in a Box is comprised of a fixed antenna secondary surveillance system developed by ANPC, and Atech’s air space management and control system (ASMACS), which is successfully deployed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fast-installation, low-maintenance and complete ATC system

The ATC in a Box is a fast-installation, low-maintenance and complete ATC system packaged to reduce investments and guarantee air navigation safety. Benefits include:

  • Larger ATC online backup
  • Temporary or transportable ATC and controlled approach for civil emergency relief
  • Civil ATC stand-alone for small or restricted areas
  • Mobile or transportable military airfield control
  • Temporary ATC replacement
  • Dual use of landing and surveillance systems (expand the capabilities of a current infrastructure with a low-cost investment)

The ATC in a Box is comprised of three main components. The first is an installable and transportable secondary surveillance system, and the second a simple sensor backup system; an innovative product with a robust sensor receiver capable of receiving conventional radar sensors (plots, tracks and weather information), as well as non-radar sensors such as ADS-C, ADS-B and multi-lateration.

Lastly, it features a simple, intelligent ATC display, an innovative product capable of receiving ASTERIX plot/track and weather messages, flight plan messages (coordination and supervision), controllers’ inputs, and AIS and weather products, as well as sending flight plan messages to other displays or centres. The ATC display can also present tracks, labels, weather products, markers, flight plan information, electronic strips, and all relevant ATC data.

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São PauloRua do Rocio, 313 - 11º andar

04552-000 - Vila Olímpia

São Paulo-SP