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Passenger Terminal Services on a Concession Basis

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The bagport Group offers a range of customer and baggage services that ease an airport’s daily tasks and make their passengers feel supported and well taken-care of. All these passenger terminal services are supplied to airports on a concession basis. This means that airports engage bagport to provide a perfect service without capital expenditures. Bagport knows that passengers appreciate having the choice for its services and will use and pay for them when needed. With the bagport system costs can be turned into profits.

Baggage handling staff and systems

As part of the concept hardware, systems and staffing will be implemented by the bagport Group. Distinctive to all their service products is the combination of friendly and hard-working service teams, high-quality equipment that fits the image of the airport, and smart management systems.

Completing each product bagport develops and improves their own software- and online solutions to either generate clear and reliable numbers for management processes and monitoring or to provide easy accessible websites to the passenger. Bagport’s state-of-the-art technical know-how and management skills are the result of many years of experience and of constant striving for perfection and customer satisfaction.

Airport terminal services for comfortable and safe air travel

Bagport provides its competence and knowledge in several fields of activity within an airport terminal, such as e.g. baggage porters, baggage cart management, lost property offices, wrapping for suitcases, MailandFly, baggage storage solutions, etc. The airports compile their individual service package out of these services:

MailandFly is a delivery service that serves passengers who had to dispose of prohibited items at Security Control. The passenger gets the opportunity to claim his item via internet.
The Lost Property Offices are run transparent and efficient. A smart internet search platform gives passengers the opportunity to search bagport's data base online.
Bagport's Baggage Cart Management includes collecting, distributing and maintaining of carts all around the airport premises as well as the installation and operation of different payment solutions.
Porter Services are available to single passengers or to travel groups, pre-booking is strongly recommended.

Baggage cart management

Bagport’s core competence is more than pushing carts around. Experienced service associates collect and transport carts from high return areas to high rental areas. They ensure that carts are always available to customers, providing a courteous service to the customer. If wanted by the airport, the installation and use of a trolley payment system is possible – a concept to gain revenues. All equipment is high-quality and long-lasting.

Lost property management

Bagport provides, in partnership with MissingX, an on-line search service, where items which have been found by bagport are regularly added and tracked. Passengers can search for their items online via an easy to use template. Bagport handles the storage and repatriation.

Porter services

Passengers can relax and enjoy their travel. Bagport takes care of their baggage. Porters can either be pre-booked or called when the passenger arrives at the airport. The porters will gladly assist in checking in all baggage.

Baggage storage

We provide an attended left luggage office, including specific facilities to also store bulky or other special items. Passengers can hand in documents, clothes, luggage and other bulky items for storage. Bagport stores all belongings safely and securely.

Self service lockers

As an addition to the attended baggage storage service, bagport offers the possibility of storage in modern self service lockers which except coins, credit cards and biometric safe access features.

Baggage protection

Different baggage protection systems are available – either stretch wrapping or shrink wrapping technology. This popular service increases the security as the risk of damaged luggage, theft, and minimises the misuse for smuggling.

Postal service at security control

MailandFly serves passengers who are forced to dispose of prohibited items at security control due to security regulations. It is the most efficient solution to retrieve the item via the internet.

Business partners concept

Besides their core markets in Europe and North America bagport offers a business partners concept to meet opportunities across the globe.

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