The Viessmann ICEWHEELER AIR cooling dolly is your solution for a 100%-uninterrupted cooling chain at your airport.

Did you know that 20%-30% of all perishable goods transported by airfreight worldwide are damaged during the journey from the airplane to the airport warehouse? Furthermore, seven out of ten of the most expensive pharmaceutical products worldwide are temperature-sensitive.

First-class refrigeration for perishable airfreight

Viessmann’s ICEWHEELER AIR tarmac cooling dolly offers not only top-quality refrigeration for transportation over airport tarmac, but also a flexible cold storage facility at the airport. Meat, fish, vegetables or even temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products are always kept chilled and so never lose their freshness.

Whether the outside temperatures reach +45°C in Dubai or -22°C in Moscow, you can determine the temperature of your perishable cargo during shipment with the ICEWHEELER AIR cooling dolly.

Viessmann ICEWHEELER AIR cooling dollies provide a 100%-uninterrupted cooling chain at your airport.
Our cooling dollies offer top-quality refrigeration transport and a flexible cold storage facility.
The electrically powered or diesel-operated cooling dollies allow regulation of the interior temperature from -4°C to +20°C.

Electric and diesel refrigerated dollies and mobile cold storage for airports

The electrically powered or diesel-operated cooling dollies allow regulation of the interior temperature from -4°C to +20°C. This ensures a consistently high quality of goods and a seamless cold chain from the supplier to direct loading onto the aircraft.

Cool dollies for valuable, temperature-sensitive products

Incorporating a well-balanced stable chassis, a perfectly insulated chamber and a powerful low-maintenance refrigeration unit, the ICEWHEELER AIR cooling dolly also offers robustness and superior hygiene features. Moreover, the constant assessment of temperature levels enables the user to track the ICEWHEELER AIR fleet online, guaranteeing legal security while handling valuable, temperature-sensitive products. Viessmann provides reliable, technological excellence in airport logistics.

Features of our dollies include:

  • Temperature regulation from -4°C to +20°C
  • Loading from two sides via vertically swinging doors
  • Display for locking system, configuration and vehicle-traction standby
  • Flexible locking systems for different unit-load devices
  • Self-supporting housing with guiding rails, equipped with heavy-duty castor rollers for easy loading and unloading
  • Stub axle steering, tow bar and trailer coupling
  • Parking brakes activated via pressing tow bar
  • Excellent heat insulation with CFC-free cyclopentane-foamed polyurethane sandwich panels
  • Non-slip flooring in the storage space
  • Surface of the sandwich elements made of hot-dip galvanised sheet steel, coated with Viessmann premium powder coating
  • Interior walls with antimicrobial SilverProtec powder coating
  • Upgrade for handling of living animals is possible (with additional filter and heating systems)

Customised cooling, freezing or heating dollies for airport tarmac

Additionally, Viessmann is able to develop customised refrigeration, freezing or heating dollies to meet your precise needs.