Fricke Airportsystems offers all types of ground handling equipment for commercial airports with main focus on high quality used GSE.

Quickly available ground handling support equipment

We have a large quantity of stock, meaning that we are in the position to directly supply a wide range of GSE with very quick lead time.

Our product range includes the most requested equipment required on the airport ramp as there are:

Fricke Airport Systems offers second-hand ground support equipment for aircraft ranging from cargo trailers through to aircraft de-icing units.
All equipment is checked and approved by our engineers, and guaranteed ready-for-action.
Aircraft de-icing units and towing tractors are available ready-for-action from our storage facilites.
We offer container transporters, cargo loaders and special cargo loaders.
Fricke Airport Systems also provides firefighting vehicles.

Aircraft pushback tractors

Tractors for pusback and towing of aircraft from small size up to wide body of various types and layouts.

Ground power units for airports

Our range of ground power units includes GPU from 90KVA up to 140KVA. With 400Hz AC and 28VDC configuration.

Passenger steps for aviation

Passenger stairs as towable and motorised units suitable for the popular types of commercial aircraft.

Conveyour belt loaders for aviation transit

Self-propelled baggage belt loaders with diesel drive.

Lavatory service units for airports

Toilet service trucks with lift platform.

Water service units

Potable water service trucks according international standards.

Apron baggage / cargo tractors

Apron tractors with diesel, hybrid, liquid gas and electric drive with a self weight from 3t up to 6t.

Lower deck highloaders

Container highloaders with capacity from 3.5t up to 7t.

Main deck highloaders

Pallet loaders with capacity from 7t up to 20t.

Cargo pallet transporters

Cargo LD transporters with adjustable front height.

Aircraft towbars

Towbars for many aircraft types

Aircraft deicing units

Deicers for narrow- and wide body aircraft.

Container dollies

LD3 – LD4 container dollies with turntable platform.

Pallet dollies

Cargo dollies in 10ft size with capacity up to 7t.