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Modular, Leading-Edge Airport Management Software

AeroCloud’s Intelligent Airport Management platform is Cloud-native, driven by AI and accessible on any device.

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AeroCloud believes airports deserve better.  We entered the US market in 2017, establishing partnerships by understanding the most pressing problems faced by airports and solving those complex challenges through a co-creation model.

We now make airport operations teams worldwide more successful with a combination of great technology and great service. Our intelligent airport management platform increases situational awareness, centralises all airport data, automates tasks, predicts passenger numbers, manages gate usage, and ensures every stakeholder across the airport gets the information they need in real-time.

The AeroCloud platform is 100% cloud-native, meaning it’s available anywhere on any device. The platform includes leading-edge features like AI and machine learning at a price point within reach of airports of all sizes. AeroCloud aligns operations across multiple departments and has helped rapidly-growing airports across Europe and the US.

Remote Stand Plan - don’t spend hours per week coordinating remain overnights (RONs) and long-term parking manually. Plan and manage on an online map of your airfield.
Passenger Prediction shows accurately estimated passenger numbers based on historical data and learns to make better forecasts the more information it has.
Inspection Management - optimise your inspections by tracking airfield work requests and staff training. Give the right stakeholders the access they need.
Optimise your gate management with machine learning. Our platform makes gate management faster, easier, and available from anywhere on any device.
Flight information display systems (FIDS) - real-time flight, gate, and baggage information for passengers, without the heavy hardware costs. AeroFIDS uses Wi-Fi-enabled boxes that can be plugged into commercially available high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) screens. A mobile app for iOS and Android is also available - get your own passenger app without having to develop it yourself.
Flight Management - Track all inbound and outbound flights automatically, and add new flights as needed. Measure on block and off block times to ensure accurate billing. Get a detailed overview of daily operations at your airport.

Why AeroCloud?

We’re focused on your success – we work hard to make sure our customers’ operations work effectively and efficiently. That’s our focus, nothing else. Day in, day out, we’ll automate tasks to help you succeed and make sure your airport runs smoothly.

We could save you money – our platform is more affordable than you think for something so powerful. Because it’s modular, we can give you the parts you need without paying for anything you don’t.

We’re not just another software vendor; we’re a partner – our team is a unique blend of problem solvers. Energetic customer supporters, super-smart technology engineers, and deep industry experts focused on overcoming your challenges.

Our platform is something you need to see and try – it’s cloud-native, easy-to-use, scalable, and you can access it anywhere on any device. You can even run your airport from home. Let us give you a demo, and we think you’ll be impressed.

We’re creating buzz – our customers love working with us, and we can prove it. Just ask, and we’ll put you in touch with them.

AeroCloud’s Intelligent Airport Management Platform

In the 21st century, your airport operations should be lean, agile, and accurate. Your processes and software shouldn’t slow you down or stop you from getting up from your desk to deal with what’s important.

Technology should work for you, not dictate how you spend your day. We get your operations to where you want them by deploying our intelligent airport management platform built on leading-edge technology.

Why choose AeroCloud’s platform?

It will improve collaboration across your airport – there are no limits on users, and we don’t charge for user licenses. You can configure the system to give different access for different roles – to make sure people can get the information they need to do their jobs.

It’s available from anywhere – we built it cloud-native from the ground up, so it’s scalable and available on any device. You can even run your operations from home.

It costs less than you think – you’ll find it’s significantly better value but more powerful than similar solutions. Because it’s modular, we can give you the parts you need without paying for anything you don’t.

It will make your life easier – it will give you visibility into your operations that you may have never had before. You log in via a browser and control your operations by clicking, dragging, and typing. Support is available right in the platform (or you can email us if you need to).

It will give you time back – the platform’s focus is on automating tasks you could be doing manually right now. And because it’s scalable and modular, we can meet your requirements and get you live in as little as 48 hours.

We built it on leading-edge technology – software development moves on quickly, and some providers struggle to keep up. We built our platform to be fast, lightweight, and flexible to keep meeting our customers’ needs.

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Products & services

  • Passenger Processing

    AeroCloud’s range of easy-to-use, cost-effective, and flexible common-use passenger processing systems allows us to develop the ideal CUTE, CUPPS, and CUSS setup for your airport.

  • FIDS

    Real-time flight, gate, and baggage information for passengers, without the heavy hardware costs.

  • Gate Management

    Optimise your gate and stand management with AI and machine learning. AeroCloud’s Gate Management module makes operations faster, easier, and available from anywhere on any device - manage your gates 24 / 7 / 365.

  • Passenger Prediction

    AeroCloud’s Passenger Prediction module uses machine learning algorithms to show accurately estimated passenger numbers based on your historical data and learns to make better forecasts the more information it has.

  • Flight Management

    AeroCloud’s version of the Airport Operational Database (AODB) - the brain of airport IT infrastructure, our Flight Management module transmits and processes all information on airport operations.

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