Servicore specialises in ground support equipment (GSE) for aviation environments. With more than 40 years of experience, the company ships merchandise worldwide from its main headquarters in Miami, Florida, US.

Ground support equipment, spare parts, maintenance and refurbishment

Servicore supplies new, refurbished, and used equipment and parts to GSE manufacturers.

The company also provides training for equipment maintenance, calibration and repair for entire GSE fleets and electronic components, such as load banks, contactors, voltage regulators, generator protective boards, and cargo controllers for loaders.

Servicore works directly with GSE manufacturers to offer competitive pricing and shorter lead times. The company’s team assists clients to identify correct part numbers when manuals are not available.

An authorised reseller for Harlan Manufacturing, Servicore offers alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) generators (GPU), air-conditioning units (ACU) and air start units (ASU), loaders, tow bars, and pushback and tow tractors.

The company also provides baggage carts, dollies, salve racks, lavatory and potable water carts, passenger stairs, and load banks.

Remanufactured and serviced GSE systems

Servicore supplies as-is, operational, and remanufactured equipment, which is delivered with mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic systems inspected and repaired as required.

Remanufactured equipment is disassembled, painted, and reassembled with new or remanufactured parts. Warranty programmes are also available.

Past projects

Servicore works closely with a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including ITW GSE – Hobart, Trilectron and Air-A-Plane.

The company also represents ISCA GSE and AP Manufacturing, as well as Spokane Industries, a manufacturer of stainless-steel tanks and aircraft fuelling systems for aircraft.

In addition, Servicore has worked with major airlines, ground handling companies, and airport stations in the US, as well as Central and South America.

About Servicore

Servicore works under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, guaranteeing the quality of its sales, repair, and manufacturing processes.

Experience accumulated through strategic partnerships has enhanced the company’s customer service and established it as a dependable supplier in the GSE industry.

Servicore’s customer service expertise and highly motivated professionals allow it to ensure optimal returns on investment for its clients.