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New, Refurbished, and Used Ground Support Equipment for Airports

Servicore specialises in ground support equipment (GSE) and offers both new and refurbished GSE, along with repair services and GSE training.


Servicore is a leading provider of ground support equipment (GSE) and repair services for all types of aircraft. The company has a large stock of both new and reconditioned GSE, including ground power units, aircraft cargo loaders, passenger stairs, cargo dollies, air start units, baggage carts, tow bars, lavatory and potable water carts, and more. New GSE can be sourced for many major brands, including Iscar GSE, Phoenix Metals, TRONAIR, Spokane Industries, and more. Equipment is available for either sale or rent to suit a variety of different situations. Depending on location, Servicore also provides on-site/off-site repair services for all types of GSE, and remote tech support is available online, by phone, or via email.

Replacement parts for ground support equipment

Servicore stocks an extensive supply of ground support replacement parts, including safety equipment and ramp accessories. Its stock includes parts for push back tractors, belt loaders, air conditioning units, power units, and many other types of ground support equipment. Consumables such as shear bolts, adapters, and couplings are available for any type of aircraft operation.

Complete engines or replacement parts for engines are also available. Servicore offers both new and overhauled gasoline or diesel engines from brands including John Deere, CAT, Ford, Detroit Disel, and Isuzu.

Aircraft safety equipment

As safety is vitally important when working with aircraft, Servicore also provides high quality safety equipment, including David Clark noise protection headsets, day and night wands, and reflective vests. The company’s LED lights are suitable for use with baggage tractors, cargo loaders, and aircraft tug, as well as passenger stairs, and aircraft boarding stairs, to increase safety in low visibility conditions or at night.

Aircraft interior supplies

In addition to GSE, Servicore also stocks aircraft cleaning supplies for use inside aircraft. These include metal or plastic interior cleaning solutions, gum remover, and more. For other requests, please contact Servicore for assistance via its dedicated online parts store GS Express.

Ground support equipment repair services

Servicore offers extensive GSE repair services and specialises in cargo loaders, air start units, and AC/DC generators. Servicore is proud to offer on-site equipment repair services that are linked with its equipment training programmes. During on-site repairs, specialised mechanics travel to specific locations to fix any GSE units and can also train crew members on how to troubleshoot and repair the equipment at the same time. This means that staff are better prepared to fix any potential issues that may occur in the future.

To help customers save time and money, Servicore also offers a PC board repair service for electronic components. The company has a dedicated test bench, allowing it to test the electronic boards from all types of equipment. Issues with protective boards or voltage regulators, from brands including Trilectron, Stewart & Stevenson, Hobart, and Arvico, can be quickly identified and repaired to help minimise equipment downtime.

Local and virtual GSE support

All Servicore technicians are trained to work with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems from any type of GSE. Off-site repairs or overhauls take place at either Servicore’s main shop in Miami, or its remote shop in Fort Lauderdale, depending on the client’s location. Local services are available in Collier, Monroe, Palm Beach, Miami-dade, and Broward. Servicore technicians are certified to work at both MIA and FLL airports. The company’s Fort Lauderdale shop also provides small repairs and preventative maintenance (PM) services to customers located near Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood International airport.

Servicore also offers a virtual GSE tech assistance service to provide customers with extra flexibility and convenience. Virtual assistance can be booked online and is delivered via Zoom at the chosen date and time. The assistance is offered in blocks of 15 minutes, allowing customers to choose an appointment length that best suits their schedule. During the service, a Servicore technician will help to diagnose and solve any GSE issues.

GSE rentals

All equipment rentals are handled by GSE Rentals, which was created to specifically serve rental customers. The company’s rental fleet is still expanding and there are currently more than 50 units in service. Any type of GSE can be rented on either a long-term or short-term basis, subject to availability.

Buy replacement GSE parts online

Servicore also operates GS Express, an online store for all types of GSE replacement parts. A list of available parts can be viewed online, or customers can email the GS Express parts department with any specific requests.

GSE training

As knowledge is one of the most valuable assets available, Servicore now provides GSE maintenance and troubleshooting training to help customers learn new skills and gain a better understanding of GSE. Servicore’s GSE training programmes are based on the company’s extensive experience in technical services, remanufacturing, training, and replacing parts. Courses can be customised to meet customer requirements and range from days to weeks in length, making them flexible enough to fit with any schedule.

Two types of training are available, including training provided by Servicore, or self-provided training. During Servicore-provided training, customers hire the company to help them train their technicians, either onsite or at Servicore’s training facility. Self-provided training is delivered online and includes free essential courses or more complex courses that are readily affordable. All online courses have been specially designed by Servicore’s GSE experts and the range of courses on offer is continuously expanding.

Visit the Servicore eLearn website to find out more about the training programmes and online courses that are currently available.

About Servicore

Servicore specialises in ground support equipment and has over 40 years of combined experience within the aviation industry. Headquartered in Miama, Florida, US, the company can deliver parts and products to any location in the world. The company works under ISO9001:2015 standards to guarantee the quality of its products and services. It has also worked with many major airports, airlines, and ground handling companies throughout the US, making it a valuable and reliable company within the GSE industry.

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