Senstar manufactures, sells and supports the largest range of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors (PIDS). Perimeter protection for airport sites has been a specifically targeted market vertical for Senstar for over 30 years. With covert buried cable, barrier, microwave, fiber-optic and fence-mounted sensors, Senstar is able to provide a customized integrated solution for any project.

Buried cable covert intrusion detection sensors

OmniTrax is a virtual fence implemented by a smart cable, buried less than 1ft underground. The cable creates an invisible electromagnetic field, capable of detecting any intruder entering that narrow virtual corridor.

This is an ideal solution for places where a fence cannot be installed, be it due to aesthetic reasons or environmental concerns. The fact that it is a concealed detection sensor makes it unbeatable and ideal for protecting the internal quarters within an airport where a "fenceless" fence is desired.

Buried cable is also an ideal solution to protect aircraft parking areas and hangars, where the tarmac needs to be trenched for creating a virtual fence and where a real fence cannot be erected. Senstar’s OmniTrax is one of the only products in the market that can pinpoint the intruder along the corridor with a resolution of a few meters.

OmniTrax is buried underground and creates an invisible electromagnetic field that can detect intruders.
Taut Wire is a hybrid system of sensors weaved into a barbed wire fence.
FiberLR’s advanced fiber-optic technology offers up to 16km of perimeter protection when installed on fences, buried or mounted on a wall.
FlexPS offers fence-mounted sensors.

Barrier sensors for perimeter protection

Taut Wire is the Cadillac of fences as it is a hybrid system of sensors weaved into a barbed wire fence. This is the only fence that has in all weather conditions, guaranteed performance with demonstrated high POD (probability of detection), and an almost zero FAR (false alarm rate).

This is an excellent choice of technology where false alarms cannot be compromised. It can serve as a standalone barrier with no additional verification tools such as cameras, although additional layers will increase performance.

Fence-mounted intrusion detection sensors

There are a number of technologies that support fence-mounted sensors, including FlexPS microphonic copper cable and FiberLR fiber optic sensor. Both of these systems are ideal as add-ons to existing fences, since in these cases most of the investment is already done. Customers need to be aware that fence-mounted sensor performance requires, in most cases, a secondary verification tool.

FiberLR’s advanced fiber-optic technology provides up to 16km (10 miles) of perimeter protection when installed on fences, buried, or mounted on a wall. For protection of buried pipelines against third-party interference (TPI), FiberLR provides up to 48km (30 miles) of protection.

FiberLR accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and even in the presence of background environmental noise that would overwhelm the location capability of other sensors.

FiberLR’s resilient design allows detection to continue right up to the point of a cut in the sensor cable. When installed in the closed-loop configuration FiberLR protects the full perimeter even after a cable cut.

Microwave intrusion detection sensor

µltraWave microwave sensor is another type of a virtual fence based on electromagnetic transmitters above the ground that create an invisible detection beam. Any intruder going through the field will disturb the beam and cause an alarm. Two types of microwaves are available: bi-static, which is composed of a transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other, and mono-static, where the same unit does both. A single pair of bi-static microwaves can cover 100m to 300m.

About Senstar

Senstar is the trusted choice and industry leader in perimeter security solutions. Our company researches, develops, manufactures and markets the largest portfolio of sensor technology-based security products and systems in the world.

For close to 30 years, our perimeter intrusion detection products have been protecting thousands of sites in more than 80 countries, representing over 30,000km of installed product. Senstar products provide reliable detection of intruders as soon as they enter restricted or sensitive areas, giving you the advanced warning required to respond.

By offering products that we manufacture, we can service, customize and expand to meet the requirements for any project. From sensors to alarm monitoring and control, infrared illuminators to CCTV solutions, Senstar delivers superior technology, products and service in providing you with a complete security solution.