Accurate Biometrics specialises in providing electronic fingerprint processing and live scan equipment for the federal, state, municipal and private sectors, including the healthcare, finance, education and aviation industries.

Fingerprint identification systems for the aviation industry

Accurate Biometrics offers technology to interface small to large-scale electronic fingerprint identification systems.

We support the management, operation and technical requirements of electronic and biometric processing through a range of services, including the provision of fingerprint collection systems, maintenance, workflow analysis and needs assessments, and network system design, including AWS Cloud storage.

Accurate Biometrics provides fingerprint collection hardware and software, as well as maintenance and system support, including installation, training and warranty services.

Accurate Biometrics offers electronic fingerprint scanning services for the airport industry.
Solutions are available for small to large-scale electronic fingerprint systems.
Accurate Biometrics offers a range of software and hardware for fingerprint data collection.
Accurate Biometrics supplies technology for small to large-scale electronic fingerprint identification systems.
The company offers maintenance and support for fingerprinting systems, including installation, training and warranty services.
Accurate Biometrics offers solutions to meet up-to-date technology and security standards.

We also offer scalable, user-friendly biometric systems and solutions to our customers, for whom we have processed almost three million applicant fingerprints.

FBI-approved fingerprint systems

Our proprietary Accurate Biometrics Live scan Enterprise System (ABLE) accepts several FBI-certified fingerprint collection devices with open release Software Development Kits (SDK), including those from Integrated Biometrics, Cross Match, and Identification International Inc. (I3).

Our fingerprint collection solution can be configured to include electronic signature capture, photograph integration, and data download from barcode reading devices.

The ABLE system streamlines the fingerprint collection and processing of applicants to just a few minutes.

Approved provider of non-criminal justice fingerprints

Since 2006, Accurate Biometrics is an approved FBI channeler of non-criminal justice fingerprints to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS).

We connect directly to FBI CJIS via a private third-party wide area network (WAN) and maintain strict FBI security standards for capture and transmission of electronic fingerprint submission.

Accurate Biometrics has passed FBI physical audits and our data centre is maintained through virtual infrastructure management.

We process fingerprints directly to the FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, the world’s largest biometric database available to authorized recipients.

About Accurate Biometrics

Accurate Biometrics has been operating as a trusted live scan fingerprint provider for 20 years. We take great pride in providing services with a high level of customer service satisfaction. Let us help you navigate the background check process with personal service, speed and accuracy.

Accurate Biometrics has scanned fingerprints for US Government agencies, including the US Navy, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The company is the only fingerprint vendor currently submitting biometric-based background checks for the CMS.

We specialise in custom integration for all industries such as finance, healthcare, and education that meet and exceed FBI security and encryption protocol.

We digitise fingerprints for clients to submit directly to the US Department of Defense Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) program.

Accurate Biometrics adapts our solutions to meet the increasingly demanding technology and security standards of the biometric industry.

In 2002, we supported the Chicago O’Hare and Midway airports during a trial to fingerprint airline personnel and support staff under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation FAR 107.

Under a contract with CTI Consulting Services, the company provided equipment and personnel to process more than 20,000 employees and contractors on-site in its first year of operation at the airports.