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Airport Trolleys, Benches, Electric Carts and Queue Management

Carttec manufactures customised airport terminal equipment, including baggage trolleys, queue management systems, electric carts and seating.

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Carttec manufactures customised airport terminal equipment, including baggage trolleys, queue management systems, electric carts and seating.

Our products are created with a focus on passenger needs, using the most recent advanced technology to ensure that operations across the airport can meet demands. Solutions are offered for transporting luggage and duty-free purchases, as well as moving around the airport.

Trolleys for transporting luggage across airports

Carttec offers a range of trolleys to suit different baggage requirements. The trolleys are made from stainless-steel or aluminium, with strong durability to transport luggage through even the largest airports.

Airside trolleys are also available in multiple designs to transport duty-free purchases and hand luggage across terminals.

We provide a range of resistant and durable range of stainless-steel luggage carts for maximum long-term durability.
Light and polyvalent, aluminium is ideal for use in industrial products.
Duty-free carts are designed to help passengers carry their purchases and hand luggage in the boarding area.
We also provide fun and safe airport trolleys for children.
Cartt Recovery is an electric vehicle that provides a fast and cost-effective solution for collecting luggage carts in the airport.
Moby Cartt is an eco-friendly and low-noise electric scooter with low power consumption.
Carttec offers a range of electric vehicles to make transport across airports easy.
Electric vehicles are easy to run on electricity and have zero emissions.
Our range of models includes mini cars, electric shuttles, golf cars, tractors or ambulances.
Electric cars offer a range of benefits, including high efficiency, no discharge and low noise emissions.

Carttec can create trolleys to meet specific requirements, including novelty designs for children.

The Skykart automatic trolley dispensing system is also available from Carttec. The system is used in airports worldwide to meet the increasing demand for high-quality passenger services.

Skykart is a self-service system that allows passengers to loan trolleys, and return them to any other unit. Its software allows airport operators to view real-time information on the equipment available.

Ramps for baggage handling areas

Carttec ramps ensure that airport operations can be completed quickly in limited timeframes, including in the handling area where baggage must be processed swiftly and remain organised.

Ramps improve mobility at airports and can withstand adverse weather, made with a steel body to maintain stability and resistance in the busy environment. They are large, yet easy-to-handle with rubber casters to deliver an efficient operation.

Electric vehicles for airports

A number of electric vehicles are available to enhance airport operations, including shuttle vehicles, mini cars, towing tractors, and ambulances. They are zero-emission vehicles with quiet operation and high efficiency rates to help reduce an airport’s carbon footprint.

Carttec Recovery is one of the electric vehicles used to manage trolleys at the airport, clearing the space for optimised airport operations. It provides a cost-effective and fast way to collect baggage trolleys left by passengers around the terminal.

Airport passenger seating solutions

Airport benches from Carttec are designed to make passengers feel comfortable and relaxed during their wait. Our seating solutions are practical and innovative with a unique design, offering comfort for airport visitors.

Carpets for airport entrance halls

Spotless surroundings enhance the passenger experience, and our entrance carpet systems stop dirt and water from entering the airport building to keep it clean and free of moisture.

Dirt barriers made from high-quality fabric and rubber are designed to be effective in busy areas.

Passenger management solutions

Carttec provides gates and posts to manage passenger flow and control access to different areas of the airport.

Posts offer a portable queue management solution and can be customised with branding. Electric and mechanical gates and stoppers are also available to limit access to authorised personnel.

Tracking system for airport equipment

The Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) from Carttec allows airports to track their trolleys by issuing unique serial numbers. It can tell operators the exact location of their carts in the terminal building and provide information on their maintenance.

The system can operate in adverse weather conditions, providing accurate information so that airports can oversee the circulation of equipment and act on maintenance status.

About Carttec

Carttec has 25 years of experience specialising in the import, manufacture and distribution of equipment for streamlining operations at busy airports.

Our quality manufacturing and distribution services are used by airports across more than 40 countries. We aim to continue developing our solutions, working individually with our customers to meet all their requirements.

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