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Customised Products for Airport Ground Support Operations

Knott is a renowned manufacturer of trailer components and industrial brakes, offering baggage or container dollies, unit load device (ULD) storage racks and running gears for airports.


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Knott is a renowned manufacturer of trailer components and industrial brakes, offering baggage or container dollies, unit load device (ULD) storage racks and running gears for airports.

By focusing on robust structure and ease of operation, we have developed solutions for a variety of ground support equipment (GSE) applications.

Baggage handling dollies for airports

Our durable baggage dollies are made to withstand high-impact airport operations. We incorporate high-quality materials, along with replaceable end and sidewalls to ensure cost-effective repairs.

The V-shaped floor, solid end walls and dense sidewall tubes enable safe transportation of baggage of any size and shape.

Knott provides heavy-duty dollies for ground support operations at airports.
Knott’s baggage dolly is made to increase efficiency while minimising maintenance and repair costs.
The LD3 container dolly is a tough and versatile transport solution.
The ULD storage rack is lightweight and simple solution for airport ground handling.
Knott’s ULD storage racks are designed to fit anywhere, providing a convenient modular storage area for ULD containers.

Up to seven dollies can be connected together as standard and the sidewalls are latched automatically, facilitating the handling of our dollies.

Knott’s baggage dollies are flexible, save shipping space and come in various sizes. They are also complemented with unique customisation options and accessories.

Container and pallet dollies for airport ULD equipment

A fully welded, high-grade steel structure, puncture-free solid rubber wheels and hot-dip galvanising provide a heavy-duty method of ULD transportation across airport grounds. Long operating life and low maintenance costs are key features of our container dollies.

Dollies are designed for safe and easy operation with the option to automatically activate the parking brake upon drawbar detachment and the ability to tow seven dollies concurrently. Our convenient system of container latching is made for one-person handling.

We offer solutions for up to 7t load capacity with extensive customisation options.

Airport GSE storage racks

Knott offers light units for empty ULD containers in addition to heavy-duty racks for full loads.

ULD storage racks feature high-quality galvanised rollers, height-adjustable legs and built-in flange plate connections for bolting several racks together, offering adaptable setup and reliable operation.

In addition, the legs are foldable, which saves space when shipping and increases return on investment.

Universal steerable running gears

For towed GSE machines such as ground power units, Knott has developed a range of running gear solutions with a load capacity of up to 8t. They are suitable for a range of applications at airports, as well as in-plant transportation, construction or agricultural trailers.

There are a number of customisation options, including suspension or rigid axles, turntable or Ackermann steering, one or two steerable axles, and braked or brakeless variants. We can deliver chassis components together with the main frame if required.

Industrial brakes for airport GSE

Knott’s industrial brakes are designed as a reliable solution for airport ground machinery. We have extensive experience in the field, having designed brakes that can safely stop even the heaviest tow tractors.

We produce drum brakes, disc brakes and multi-disc brakes, with more than 2,000 solutions available in our portfolio.

Our readiness to adapt our products to customer requirements has allowed us to help our partners overcome problems while continuously broadening and innovating our product range.

Whether you have found what you have been looking for, or want to find out if we could help you solve your problem, please get in touch with us via the enquiry form on this site.

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    Knott produces braked and non-braked axles, overrun brakes for trailers and trailer accessories, and industrial brakes for a range of forklift and special-purpose trucks used at airports and other applications.

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