CoStruct Framed Fabric Structures

Permanent and Temporary Hangars and Associated Pre-Engineered Airport Buildings

Ocean House, 12th Floor,
The Ring, Bracknell ,
RG12 1AX United Kingdom

Ocean House, 12th Floor,
The Ring, Bracknell ,
RG12 1AX United Kingdom

CoStruct is a market leader in the design and build of aircraft hangars for both the military and civil aviation sectors. The framed fabric structures, which are already in use by low-cost airlines including Ryanair, easyjet and Loganair, can be used as permanent hangars, temporary hangars or relocatable / portable hangars.

The semi-permanent structures can also be used as temporary terminals, cargo buildings, helicopter hangars, warehouses, baggage handling areas and maintenance facilities for ground support equipment.

The eye-catching appearance of the space frame structures provides an ideal and attractive aircraft museum building.

Permanent, relocatable and temporary hangar

Framed fabric hangars can usually be installed without the need for planning approval and can be fully operational in less than 12 weeks from order.

Designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads, the semi-permanent hangar offers an excellent working environment, providing the ideal low-cost maintenance base.

Through our understanding of the aircraft operator’s needs, we have developed a standardised design suited to Boeing 737 and A320 narrow-bodied aircraft, available as a turnkey affordable solution. The aircraft maintenance hangars can be designed as a simple aircraft shelter to accommodate a small private jet or helicopter as well as single or multiple bay facilities with spans of more than 60m.

Pre-engineered fabric hangar design and options

Our flexible, custom-designed fabric structures provide clear span aircraft hangars capable of being installed with a short lead-time, with no foundations and at a considerably lower cost than conventional designs.

The combination of a galvanized steel framework enclosed with a heavy-duty PVC cover leads to a virtually maintenance-free modular building, for which we provide a 20-year guarantee.

The structures support a number of options for the main hangar doors, including horizontal folding and sliding and the vertical lifting ‘Megadoor’. A remote controlled tug door can also be incorporated into the rear wall of the hangar for ease of access.

A comprehensive CAA approved lighting, electrical and fire alarm system can be customized to individual requirements. Various options are available for heating or cooling and, if required, the hangar can be thermally insulated or enclosed by steel cladding panels.

CoStruct semi-permanent hangar construction advantages

  • Wealth of in-house experience of aviation construction, including M&E
  • Customised design solution to provide value for money facility
  • Low cost per square metre with no foundation requirements
  • Short lead and build time with handover in less than three months
  • Reduction in rates payable with capital advantages
  • Easily extended or modified and fully relocatable with high resale value

Temporary airport buildings

Airports are continuously expanding and need to react quickly to a change in operational requirements during their development. Our airport buildings offer a solution to the provision of additional covered space on either a temporary or permanent basis with a short lead-time.

Typical applications include:

  • Terminal buildings and arrival halls
  • Temporary baggage halls
  • Temporary departure lounges
  • Cargo and warehousing facilities
  • Relocatable structures for ground support equipment

Space Frame Technology

CoStruct is a structural design and engineering company, delivering design and manufacturing services for space frame technology.

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Ocean House, 12th Floor

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RG12 1AX

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