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Customer Flow Management Queuing Systems for the Airline Industry

Qmatic is all about valuing time and making waiting worthwhile. Qmatic is the inventor of customer flow management (CFM) and is also the world’s largest queue management company. CFM is a methodology for managing customer flow and experience from initial contact through to service delivery. Qmatic operates in 122 countries and has 51,800 installations worldwide in the finance, retail, travel, healthcare and public sectors.

Customer flow management systems

Qmatic has a long history of improving efficiency in the travel industry using CFM. Airports that are using CFM to track and measure passenger flow include Manchester, UK, Landvetter, Gothenburg, Kastrup, Copenhagen, Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Frankfurt and Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. In addition, several airlines all over the world, including Virgin Atlantic, use CFM from Qmatic to manage the passenger flow and to improve their operational efficiency.

Airport flow management consulting services

Qmatic’s consultants assist travel operators in improving the passenger experience when passing through an airport. This can help raise the airport’s community profile and increase its competitive advantage.

Typically consultants from Qmatic undertake programmes mapping passenger journeys at peak times, identifying key triggers and pinch points, and providing recommendations for quick wins and long-term improvements.

Linear queuing and call forward systems

When linear queuing is well-managed, the service provider can benefit from reduced service hours, a better use of floor space and big savings in the cost of resources. Linear queuing can start with simply laying out the line better and using barriers. This simple measure creates great improvements and a feeling of fairness. To get the biggest business benefits you need CFM methodology and the introduction of Qmatic’s electronic call forward systems.

Barriers for airport flow management

Qmatic’s barriers are manufactured to the highest standards and include Qmatic’s own patented safety tape cartridge. The company has its own barrier manufacturing facility so it can bypass the middleman and sell directly to you, ensuring great prices without compromising product quality or after-sales support.

Barriers combined with a call forward system gives you a linear queuing solution that is easy to install, for fast moving situations with high volumes of passengers.

Customer counting for flow management in airports

The challenge of providing adequate, well-priced, cost-effective and on-time transportation to passengers requires more than just planes, airports and personnel.  Much time and money is spent by private and public entities to ensure that these critical modes of transport function properly, safely and successfully. The goal is that passengers who need the service can depend on it and revenue is maximised.

The customer counting solution ensures that managers, schedulers and operational and safety personnel understand the operational needs of the service based on accurate passenger counts.  Real-time count and location of current passengers is also available to improve reaction time during transit failures and emergencies.

Customer counting is an additional, but totally aligned component of CFM. It can be used with both linear and virtual queuing systems to better manage the customer flow. As a result the client can get a more holistic view of the customer and staff situation in a face-to-face service environment.

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