KATHREIN-Werke is one of the world’s largest and oldest antenna manufacturers. The Kathrein Group currently employs more than 6,300 individuals at 21 production facilities and 60 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. For more than 90 years the group of companies has been developing, producing and marketing a wide range of antenna systems and signal processing products. Kathrein’s technological edge has made it one of the market leaders in its field. KATHREIN-Werke offers a full portfolio for:

  • Mobile communication systems
  • Satellite and terrestrial antenna products and systems
  • Hybrid fibre coax networks
  • Radio frequency identification
  • Broadcast antenna systems
  • Car antennas and automotive systems

Base-station antennas and mobile communication systems

KATHREIN-Werke is one of the market-leaders in the field of base-station antennas for mobile communication networks, with a monthly production output of over 100,000 antennas. Its customers include all the major system suppliers, as well as more than 250 single network operators worldwide.

The current product portfolio in the field of mobile communications ranges from 25 to 6,000MHz and comprises products for all cellular networks and antennas for bus, rail and ground-to-air communications.

Ground-to-air communications and navigations

The ground-to-air communications and navigations product range includes:

Antennas on the air control building.
Seven-unit UHF antenna.
VHF-UHF antennas at Munich airport, Franz Josef Strauss.
ILS antennas at Munich airport, Franz Josef Strauss.
Distance measuring equipment (DME).
  • Marker beacon antenna (75MHz)
  • Antennas for VHF 108-144MHz and UHF 225-380MHz and a huge range of omni- or directional-antennas for VHF or UHF communication applications
  • Dual-band antennas VHF / UHF 108-144 / 225-380MHz. Combined omni and multiple-unit-omni-antennas are available
  • Filters VHF 108-144 MHz / UHF 225-380MHz and antenna line products
  • S-P-filter, band-pass-filter, TX/RX-combiner, couplers and multi-couplers are also part of the G-t-A-portfolio. KATHREIN-Werke is experienced in planning and manufacturing customised TX/RX-combiners with up to 20 channels
  • ILS antennas (instrumental landing system) 328-336MHz including monitor systems
  • Distance measurement equipment (DME) antennas 960-1215 MHz. KATHREIN-Werke offers directional as well as different omni-antennas for DME applications, optionally equipped with obstruction lights
  • Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) 1,087-1,093MHz is a specially designed high-gain antenna with optimised vertical pattern for long range applications

Quality and service

The slogan ‘quality leads the way’ is KATHREIN-Werke’s company philosophy and its key to success. Always offering the customers the ideal answer to any requirement has at all times been the governing principle. For example, KATHREIN-Werke offers its customers a special service to equip its G-t-A antennas with special obstruction pointing (red/white/red).

Kathrein’s quality control system is EN ISO 9001 DIN accredited.