Europoles Suisse is a leading provider of maintenance-friendly lowerable lighting and surveillance systems designed for a range of airport areas.

The company develops, produces, assembles and services its range of NIVATEC lighting solutions based on more than two decades of experience.

Lowerable floodlighting solutions for airport aprons

Europoles Suisse’s NIVATEC lowerable system uses technology designed to enhance product availability, maintenance and service-life. It has a number of optional functional elements that can be used to extend the system.

The solution can be used to optimise and economise airport operations by providing ideal lighting conditions on aprons to ensure safety of passengers, cargo and aviation technology in all weather conditions. This requires all components of lighting such as poles and luminaires to meet stringent demands.

Europoles Suisse has provided apron lighting systems to airports across the world, including Dubai.
Lighting systems are available for aircraft landing areas to ensure safety.
NIVALIFT solutions feature LED lighting to enhance their service life and minimise maintenance.
Europoles Suisse can install NIVACOM technology onto its lighting systems to provide communications for airport surveillance.
The company’s NIVALIFT M to XL range can be used in large airport areas such as freight terminals and aprons.
Europoles Suisse provides helicopter landing platforms for airports that offer helicopter shuttle services or rescue flights.

Lighting systems can be used in all airport operations, including loading, unloading, servicing, waiting and security areas.

Multifunctional lighting for small airport areas and surveillance

The NIVALIFT-S-80 system is an ideal solution for easily illuminating areas or roads that need to be surveyed. The lowering system is modular, which means that it can be mounted onto standalone poles or existing airport infrastructure such as columns.

NIVALIFT-S-80 can be used as lighting for airport areas and billboards, as well as boosting road surveillance.

Lighting poles with communication connectors

NIVALIFT M to XL systems incorporate next-generation LED lighting and multifunctionality to provide optimal efficiency and service-life of each solution used in large airport areas. Europoles Suisse employs advanced lens technology and smart light management to ensure that the NIVALIFT solution has highly efficient energy consumption.

A NIVACOM communication connecter can be installed on the company’s lowerable system to provide traffic data and facilitate maintenance for airport surveillance. It can be used to monitor areas with other systems such as additional cameras, Wi-Fi routers, and antennas that can be fitted on the lighting pole.

The complete system can be used to provide lighting and surveillance for airport aprons, freight areas, harbour and container terminals, as well as other open spaces.

Fibreglass-reinforced plastic poles for airport lighting systems

Europoles Suisse provides a line of lighting poles made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). These are suitable for use in any take-off and approach areas, aprons or other landing systems within airports. FRP poles are created according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements regarding their frangibility.

Customised helicopter landing platforms for airports

Europoles Suisse is a specialist in the design and delivery of helicopter landing platforms. The company plans the position and layout of heliports for optimal operations.

The extended-lifetime heliports can be installed to offer increased functionality and security at existing infrastructures in airports or as a separate construction. They are ideal for airports expanding to provide helicopter shuttle services or rescue flights.

About Europoles Suisse

Established in 1894, Europoles Suisse is a leading provider of poles, towers, columns and supporting systems in Europe.

The company expanded in 2015 through a subsidiary based in Dubai, UAE, which was created to ensure that Europoles Suisse provided high-quality on-site customer service and support worldwide.