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WEY Technology

KVM Products and Solutions for Airport Control Rooms

WEY Technology is a leading supplier of high-tech solutions for the transmission, control, distribution, and display of real-time data in command and control centres in airports around the world.

Dorfstrasse 57,
8103 Unterengstringen,

Dorfstrasse 57,
8103 Unterengstringen,

WEY Technology is a leading supplier of high-tech solutions for the transmission, control, distribution, and display of real-time data in command and control centres in airports around the world.

The full range of WEYTEC’s services includes planning and consultation, project management, product development, production, installation, and customer support.

Remote solutions and distribution platforms for air traffic control and other airport control rooms

In control room environments, keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) or KVMA switching-over-IP systems have established themselves as ideal technical solutions due to their flexibility, unlimited expandability, and reliability.

The WEYTEC distribution PLATFORM is a fully integrated solution that enables real-time switching of a broad variety of signals or PC sources to an unlimited number of workplaces.

Customers can use this platform to connect with any of their existing systems, either over a local area network (LAN), a metropolitan area network (MAN), or a wide area network (WAN) . Distance is not an issue.

Remote solutions using KVM extenders make it possible to remove actual workstations from the office area to free-up space and eliminate noise and heat emissions at desks.

Multifunctional keyboards access multiple workstations and screens

WEYTEC develops high-quality multifunctional keyboards, allowing you to access multiple workstations without performance loss, using a single keyboard and mouse. Using this peripheral device system you can directly and intuitively control a virtually unlimited number of monitors and video walls.

The flagship WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard offers uncompromising functionality and ergonomics. It features an intuitive 10in touchscreen, with video inputs for streaming.

Movement sensors enhance security by putting the keyboard into sleep mode when unattended, and light sensors automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD screen. An exchangeable, snap-in key panel is available for each user, to support workplace hygiene in shared, 24h offices.

The keyboard can be tailored to meet individual requirements, and custom pads and programmable function keys enhance the efficiency of operator workflows.

Visualisation solutions with LCD panels or LED projection

Fully integrated video wall solutions are designed using crystal-clear LCD panels or modern rear-projection LED technology, both characterised by their brilliant picture quality and modularity.

The development of specialised interface components ensures full interoperability of the video wall, the WEYTEC distribution PLATFORM. Predefined events and alarms can be displayed on the video wall, and be acknowledged using a WEYTEC multifunctional keyboard.

High-performance, low-power miniature PCs

Standard PCs are deployed in multiple areas around airports, including in towers, at security centres, check-in counters, and baggage handling, but the decentralised distribution of PCs generates extremely high maintenance and IT support costs.

A new future-orientated solution saves space under the desk, reduces heat and noise emissions, and improves sub-optimal PC security.

The ultraFLEX Mini PC is a high-performance, low-power, very small form factor PC, which is new and unique in the market. The ultraFLEX Mini PC is smaller than most other thin clients, though its true strengths lie in its performance and flexibility.

With i3 to i7 processers, ultraFLEX Mini PCs feature dual-network connections and redundant power supplies, and drive up to seven screens, including UHD and 4K capabilities. The ultraFLEX Mini PC can be deployed in a mixed environment, combining hybrid desktops and conventional PCs.

About WEY Technology

In the last 30 years WEYTEC has become the world market leader in delivering innovative solutions for the technical provisioning of trading floors. The technology is now being applied across the air traffic sector, to great effect.

As an example, at the Zurich Airport, WEY solutions permeate the facility, namely the air traffic control tower, the protocol room for the supervision and steering of air traffic activities, the airport weather centre from Meteo Switzerland, the baggage screening and handling room, and the new maintenance operations centre for SR Technics.

KVM Video Wall

The WEYTEC visualizationPLATFORM (WVP) transforms an entire display environment into a personal visual workplace with a boundless pixel area.

IP Grabber Cards

WEYTEC IP Grabber Cards capture video and audio content as well as keyboard and mouse interactions.


The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) is a KVM solution that provides users with flexible access to computers and information sources, even across multiple sites.

ultraFLEX miniPC

The ultraFLEX miniPC is a compact and efficient mini PC that is built for 24/7 operations.

Dublin Airport Expansion

In October 2006, Dublin Airport received planning permission to build a new multi-million-euro terminal. Fingal County C

WEYTEC Launches ultraFLEX Nano PC

WEY Technology (WEYTEC) has introduced its latest product: the ultraFLEX Nano PC for mission-critical business environments.

WEYTEC and Ab-Micro Announce Strategic Partnership

WEYTEC has announced a strategic partnership with AB-MICRO, a technology leader in Poland, specialising in the provision of cutting-edge industrial automation solutions. With this important step, WEYTEC will provide clients with best-in-class keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) products and solutions for advanced command and control room implementations in Poland.

WEYTEC Showcasing at Managing the Skies Expo

WEY Technology and its partner SkySoft-ATM will be showcasing aviation technology solutions at the 2018 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Managers Association ‘Managing the Skies’ expo.

UltraFlex Mini PC: Immense Power at an Incredible Density for Extreme Applications

The WEY Group introduces the UltraFlex Mini PC, a minicomputer with the size of a graphic card and the performance of a modern full-fledged desktop PC. The tiny, efficient PC is particularly suitable for use in demanding work environments where space is limited, such as airport towers, trading floors, broadcast trucks and most kinds of vehicles.

Intelligent Keyboard Revolutionises Efficiency in the Workplace

WEY Technology has announced the official launch of the 'WEY Smart Touch' keyboard. The WEY Smart Touch significantly simplifies processes in all multi-screen workplaces where users need to switch between different systems. The intelligent keyboard boasts a broad range of surprising features.

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