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Snow Blades, Plows and Salt Spreaders for the Airport Industry

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Snowplows, snow removal equipment and snow plow parts is what BOSS is all about. As a snowplow manufacturer, BOSS has spent years developing snow blades, snowplows and salt spreaders that do the job faster, better, and that live up to the BOSS name, the BOSS snowplow.

Powerful snowplows

The BOSS Power-V XT boasts 37in (8.2in model) and 38in (9.2in model) flared blade wings with an enhanced curl. The BOSS power-V XT throws snow higher and farther than any other plow on the market. And new this year, the BOSS Poly Power-V XT features a super-slick polyethylene surface to keep snow from sticking, which saves time, fuel, and wear and tear on your truck.

Multi-position snowplows

The BOSS Power-V is the one of the best-selling multi-position plows on the market because it is faster, tougher and easier to use. The tough yet versatile Steel Power-V features a half-inch thick, patented high-performance cutting edge that delivers extended wear resistance as compared to conventional cutting edges, as well as a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with an exclusive zinc primer to resist corrosion.

Straight-blade plows

Built to face winter’s frontlines, the BOSS standard-duty and super-duty straight-blade plows are the classic workhorses. The tough, long-lasting steel straight-blade features a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer to resist corrosion, while the super-slick polyethylene moldboard of the poly straight-blade makes sure snow slides right off the blade to save time, fuel and wear and tear on your truck. Exclusive features like a heavy-duty push frame and quadrant, optimized blade curl and the super-duty’s reinforced moldboard make it a performer that leads all others in reliability and strength.

The BOSS Power-VXT.
The BOSS SuperDutyXT.
The BOSS UTV lineup.
The BOSS BX12.
The BOSS smart hitch 2 technology.

Trip-edge plows

Using the deep, wet snow of the north-east US as inspiration, the BOSS trip-edge was designed to power through that infamous accumulation, regardless of what obstacles lay beneath. The extra rigid moldboard and trip-edge technology ensures that only the base angle trips when encountering an obstacle, not the entire blade, which means you won’t lose the load you’re pushing. And unlike its competitors, BOSS features four adjustable trip return springs, allowing you to customize the trip spring tension for the job at hand.

Municipal plows

Sometimes smaller-size plows just don’t cut it. Not when you’re a contractor or municipality facing big jobs like roads, intersections and parking lots, day-in and day-out. Designed for medium-duty trucks, the BOSS heavy-duty straight-blade features a reinforced moldboard with enhanced blade curl to power through deep, wet snow, while the versatility of the BOSS heavy-duty power-V allows you to scoop, stack and punch through hard-packed banks. In the end, both give you the extra size and strength you need to get your most demanding jobs done, all in a fraction of the time.

Box plows

As innovative as it is tough, the BOSS BX-12 is loaded with exclusive features, which allow you to move large amounts of snow in a single pass with your loader or backhoe.

UTV plow for any snow removal job

Specially engineered for your UTV yet built to the same professional-grade standards as full-size BOSS plows, BOSS UTV plows are tough enough to handle any snow removal job.

Tailgate spreaders

The BOSS tailgate spreader lineup includes the TGS 800 salt and sand spreader (8ft², 780lb capacity, the TGS 600 (6ft², 400lb capacity) and TGS 1100 (11ft², 800lb capacity) salt spreaders. BOSS continues to impress with more standard features and the choice of two different attachment systems.

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    When you start doing research on snow plow blades, it won't take you long to discover that there are several choices of materials available. These materials range from powder-coated steel to clear poly carbonate and stainless steel. Most of the questions we get at BOSS Snow plows center around stainless steel versus poly snow plow blades, so we'll focus on those two.

1819 N. Stephenson Ave
Iron Mountain
United States of America

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