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Air Traffic Solutions

Air Traffic Expertise for Airspace Management Design, System Implementation, Training Support and Service Delivery

Air Traffic Solutions is a niche consultancy company providing global support to the aviation industry by providing exceptional support.

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Air Traffic Solutions (ATS) delivers worldwide expert air traffic management support to companies in the aviation industry.

You will receive a range of customised support services from our team of industry experts to facilitate the total operation of your air traffic management company. From consultation and design to post-implementation training and support, we provide service and solutions beyond industry standards. Our team is comprised of well-educated, experienced industry experts with additional extensive training to deliver the highest level of knowledge and service possible.

Our position throughout Australia and the Middle East means we consult with various international clients and understand the range of requirements for delivering fully customised support. Our collaboration with industry partners extends the parameters of our service so we can offer you and your business a comprehensive service, whatever the scope of your requirements.

Airspace and systems design, development and planning

One of the most essential aspects of air traffic management is the systems that support it. However, the design, development, and planning of those systems can either enhance them or contribute to long-term or safety issues.

Your air traffic management system must be completed with astute attention to the details of your organisation. That means customised analysis and service plans to fit your specific needs and process requirements from the beginning and through the implementation phase.

Air traffic management research and consultation

Interpreting your air traffic management needs is an essential part of our service delivery. However, it is not enough to analyse your existing process and systems before application. We also compare your system requirements against a set of ideal procedures for air traffic management to ascertain an appropriate standard of delivery.

Our intelligent, integrated analysis is based on current industry research and environmental impact studies and expertly translated into practical strategies and implementation.

Air operations analysis, procedure development and ancillary support

A service agreement should not end at implementation. A successful client-consultant relationship spans the entire process and includes on-going support. We support every part of our delivery from procedure development and refinement to systems commissioning and adaptation to advocacy and lobbying.

Our teams have enduring relationships with industry stakeholders, government officials, service providers, and other key influencers to optimise services and make necessary adaptations to support your business requirements. Event management and complete logistical support for major aviation events is another competitive inclusion in our service.

Air industry safety management and regulatory requirements authentication

Safety management is about more than meeting the necessary requirements. It is about exceeding the industry-recognised safety protocol through training, development, procedures, technical systems, and implementation of every aspect of air traffic systems. Compliance is a significant part of our service.

Through every customer-specific system update and regulatory change, our team of safety specialists collaborate with our software providers and your company to ensure your systems meet and/or exceed industry safety requirements.

Customised needs assessment and training to match system requirements

To operate a highly efficient business, you require more than consultation, analysis, and implementation. You need to know how your new or upgraded system operates so you can take a clear and informed approach to troubleshooting any issues.

Our services include a training assessment to determine where knowledge building is required as well as a customised training programme provided by our industry experts. We deliver practical online training programs and software is designed specifically for the needs of your business. Our training modules support industry regulatory requirements to ensure the highest level of operational and safety standards.

Advanced technical systems and expert implementation of processes and procedures

Complex technical systems require the intuitive, skilled approach of industry experts. Whether your business is installing a new system or retrofitting an existing one, the transition must be as smooth as possible to avoid problematic encounters with technical or operational requirements.

Safety and security are two primary aspects of any transition, which is why our experts at ATS deliver astute attention to detail during system installation and operational implementation. Our transition support team provides your business with reliable and knowledgeable customer service to ensure a successful changeover or progression, both technically and procedurally.

Education, Assessment and Training

Effective, high-quality consultation service is incomplete without supplying the knowledge and guidance necessary to support the accurate utilisation of specific parts of the new or upgraded system.

Research and Innovation

We know and support that in order to stay advanced and competitive in air traffic management systems and maintain an exemplary reputation in the aviation industry, continuous learning is essential.

Full-Spectrum Integrative Support

Planning and implementation are two of our key services, but we realise, as you do, that full system support requires so much more than one or two steps.

Western Sydney International Airport, Badgerys Creek

Western Sydney International Airport, also known as Nancy-Bird Walton Airport, is a proposed greenfield airport being constructed in Badgerys Creek, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The new airport will be one of the country’s most significant infrastructure developments.

Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport

Port Moresby International Airport, which is also called Jacksons International Airport, is located 8km away from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. The airport is the biggest in the country, and also the busiest in terms of passenger traffic.

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