Powered by a 50-year obsession with perfecting headsets and backed by a worldwide network of services and support, Plantronics audio devices have a well-earned reputation for mission critical applications like aviation and ATC. Plantronics holds the exclusive contract with the FAA for ATC headsets, offering corded, USB, and wireless products for the US and international applications.

The Plantronics Specials Group also provides both corded and encrypted wireless headsets for dozens of other mission-critical applications like NASA, DoD, the Armed Forces, and Emergency Dispatch Services.

Aviation and ATC headsets

Plantronics designs headsets for day-to-day wear in demanding environments and its 50 years of expertise ensures that every product it builds meets the highest standards of quality and reliability so you can simply communicate.

Industry-standard PTT amplifiers and adapters

Plantronics PTT amplifiers and adapters are the industry standard for clear, accurate communications between air traffic controllers and pilots. The SHS1890 amplifier features a push-to-talk switch, PJ7 connector and is available in 10ft, 15ft, or 25ft coil cord lengths. Custom connectors are available.

The SHS1890 amplifier features a push-to-talk switch, PJ7 connector and is available in 10ft, 15ft or 25ft coil cord lengths.
SupraPlus wideband offers premium audio clarity, ultra noise-canceling and all-day comfort.
The CA12CD cordless PTT (push-to-talk) headset adapter provides encrypted communications and PTT functions for public safety dispatch and air traffic control.

Audio clarity, noise-canceling headsets

Your conversations are mission-critical, so your headset choice is just as vital. With the SupraPlus Wideband you get premium audio clarity, ultra noise-canceling and all-day comfort in a single or dual earpiece and over-the-head design.

Cordless push-to-talk headset adapter and dynamic headsets

The CA12CD is a cordless push-to-talk (PTT) headset adapter designed to provide encrypted communications and PTT functionality for applications such as Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Plantronics’ SupraPlus dynamic headsets leverage the proven design of the HW261N with the addition of a dynamic microphone.

Push-to-talk amplifiers with USB interfaces

Push-to-talk amplifiers by Plantronics are now available with USB interfaces.  Compatible with standard USB drivers, this stereo unit works with dual-channel headsets. These amplifiers can be used in training simulators, VoIP communications, speech recognition, and anywhere high-quality USB audio with PTT switching is required.

Headsets for communication in high noise environments

Used by Landing Support Officers on aircraft carriers and tough enough for the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the SHR2083-01 circumaural headset delivers clear communication in high noise environments.