Transnorm is a leading global supplier of specialised conveying units for baggage handling systems.

Belt curve conveyors, merges, vertical switches / pivot conveyors and baggage lifts

Our belt curve conveyors, merges, vertical switches / pivot conveyors and baggage lifts are characterised by their modular construction, their ability to simply integrate into existing systems and their economical energy consumption.

Belt curve conveyors

As world market leaders in belt curve technology, Transnorm has supplied more than 80,000 units since 1968. The top 30 international airports use our belt curves around the clock.

Transnorm has achieved ‘best in class’ classification with regards to performance and reliability. This classification means that we are in demand as a development partner with system integrators around the world.

Transnorm's belt curve conveyor defines the airport industry standard: Transnorm series belt curve conveyors combine top-class performance and reliability with an integrated design concept that minimises space requirements.
Transnorm offers a complete range of belt curves for all popular applications in baggage handling systems; this picture demonstrates belt curve conveyors at Vienna Airport with a radius of almost 5m.
Since 1969 Transnorm curve technology has been continuously developed: over the years our engineering competence has developed into a high-precision manufacturing concept.
Transnorm has many years' experience in the sophisticated applications of our belt merge conveyor: pictured here is a 30° unit merging into a main baggage conveyor line.
Transnorm is a global manufacturer, developing and producing selected, modularly designed specialised components for conveyor solutions.

The company has manufacturing operations in Germany, the US and Malaysia, as well as further worldwide sales and service subsidiaries.

Reliable 90° and 180° belt curve conveyors

Synonymous with high speed, high reliability and the ability to cope with demanding loads, Transnorm belt curves set the industry standard. Whether our models are 90° or 180°, or flat or spiralled, reliability is always the top priority.

Special features of Transnorm belt curves include:

  • Top performance at high speed with outstanding reliability during continuous operation
  • Durability under extreme operating conditions such as desert or frosty climates
  • Complete product range for all applications in the airport industry
  • Precision engineering and low noise operation
  • The lowest running costs, with years of low maintenance
  • Patented belt-guidance technology with quick-lock fasteners
  • Ease of integration into existing systems

Airport pivot conveyors

VertiSwitch™ TS 6600 pivot conveyors incorporate innovative construction with minimal energy consumption (reduced by 20% compared to other models) and light rugged design with a high level of reliability. They exceed the practical airport-specific performance standards, and their compact design makes them ideal for minimal space requirements.

They can be used for simple replacement of belt or conveying elements.

Conveyor belt merging equipment

The TS 6200 belt merge:

  • Provides optimum power transmission for reliable operation and extremely quiet running
  • Has a specially coated pulley to suit low-friction coefficients
  • Is suitable for complicated loads such as airport baggage
  • Can be changed from above
  • Can have its conveying direction easily changed

Strip conveyor merging equipment

The TS 6290 strip merge provides high practical conveyor speeds coupled with extremely quiet running. It is suitable for complicated loads such as airport baggage.

It has recessed belt strips and a modular construction using ‘belt cassettes’. Belt strips can be changed from above, and it can be run in either direction.

Fast, accurate and modular baggage lifters

TS VC51 airport baggage lifters have the following features:

  • High acceleration values
  • Positioning accuracy of just a few millimetres
  • Low-vibration and low-noise operation
  • Innovative lightweight construction
  • Minimised energy consumption
  • Simple modular construction to ensure an economically attractive solution

Powered face diverters

The TS 6500 Dynamic Power Plough powered face diverter has a simple and robust construction for moderately heavy unit loads.

Pulleys fitted with internal bearings ensure a minimal gap between the conveyor and deflector belt. Quiet and low-maintenance, these units have a long service life.