A global player in the travel industry, Amadeus is a truly multinational company employing 11,000 people, headquartered in Europe and operating in 195 countries.

The company is a leader in community IT platforms, enabling all players in the travel ecosystem to be integrated and interact in a seamless, real-time fashion.

Amadeus provides solutions to airport operators and ground handlers; a natural progression from this success and experience in the IT arena for airlines. With the acquisition of UFIS Airport Solutions in January 2014, Amadeus continued its expansion and confirmed its commitment to the airport IT sector.

John Jarrell, head of airport solutions, Amadeus.
Amadeus Airport IT Conference 2016 was held in Madrid, Spain and was a great success.
Cape Verde Airports are the latest airport to join the Amadeus ACUS family.
Amadeus is pushing forward the future of common use. Read our positioning paper to find out why.

The combination of both product portfolios, Amadeus’ scale, global reach and travel industry expertise, integrated alongside UFIS’ unique airport IT software development experience, truly reinforces Amadeus’ clear purpose as a company: innovation and customer focus to shape the future of travel for the airport industry.

Integrating IT systems in the airport community

Amadeus AODB is a sophisticated traffic and resource planning and management system used to optimise resources and maximise service offers.

The objective of the system is to provide applications for integration of all IT systems within the entire airport community, and connecting to other communities (airlines, ground handlers) to ensure a seamless data flow. Modules for flight information management, resource planning and management, flight information display, etc. enable the customers to share centralised, up-to-date and accurate real-time information.

Thanks to its full A-CDM compliancy, Amadeus AODB provides all airport actors with a common situational awareness of airport activity at any given time.

Resource management solutions

Amadeus Airport Resource Management Solutions enable airports and ground handlers to better manage their fixed, mobile and human resources. Powered by high quality, real-time data, airports and partners now have more accurate short and mid-term visibility on resource requirements to enable better planning and control.

Passenger processing solutions

Seamless passenger processing enables increased revenue opportunities from both airlines and passengers. With Amadeus solutions, including Amadeus’s ground-breaking Common Use platform (ACUS), airports can access passenger processing applications on-demand, giving full flexibility and scalability to adapt to operational demands.

Baggage processing solutions

With lost baggage estimated to cost airlines around €150 per bag, accurate baggage tracking coupled with fast processing are key components to a better passenger experience.

Amadeus baggage processing solutions are completely integrated into the Amadeus Altéa suite, providing real-time data to track and trace baggage simultaneously with passenger movement. Increased accuracy helps reduce compensation payouts and the associated processing costs.

Ground handling solutions

Amadeus’s industry-leading Altéa Departure Control System (DCS) enables airlines and ground handlers to efficiently manage passenger processing or aircraft operations for multiple airlines in just one single interface.

Check-in, baggage processing, load control and special services can be handled quickly and seamlessly, according to airline-specific rules, providing passengers with a complete customer service. And with accurate real-time data sharing, aircraft management can be performed remotely or on mobile devices using Amadeus’ flight management software.