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Airport Operations Management Services

45025 Aviation Drive, Suite 100,
Dulles, VA 20166,
United States of America

45025 Aviation Drive, Suite 100,
Dulles, VA 20166,
United States of America

AvPORTS provides services to airports ranging from full operations management and leasing, to maintenance of individual facilities.

Comprehensive and customised airport management solutions

AvPORTS delivers comprehensive and integrated management services for general aviation, military, special-use, and commercial airports that meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 139 regulations.

We have the capacity to be a one-stop provider for an entire airport’s operations, along with the ability to deliver seamless specific services alongside other providers.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on integrating all aspects of airport management and operations, while our custom solutions practice provides targeted expertise to fit the needs of each airport.

Airport facility management and maintenance

Our business lines fall into three categories: airport management and leasing, facility management and maintenance, and fixed-base operator services.

Under our airport management and leasing portfolio, the services we offer include:

  • Administration and accounting
  • Airport operations
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Air service development
  • Equipment operations and maintenance
  • Airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF)
  • Ground handling

Depending on the individual needs of our clients, we can take over an entire airport operation or provide any number of itemised professional services.

We have helped clients achieve International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications for management excellence in operating systems and procedures, as well as in environmental management systems.

Project management partner for airports

We are not just another private contractor, we become a partner with the public sector to maximise the value of the airport asset. Our company can perform a number of the services once contracted, or become a managing partner in large projects.

Our time-proven approach of ‘single point accountability’ at each airport is achieved in part through the support of central corporate resources provided to all our on-site management teams.

In addition, our personnel are cross-trained and skilled in multiple disciplines to ensure our clients benefit from the most capable, efficient and versatile workforce.

Support services for airport passenger terminals

AvPORTS currently manages 14 FAA-certificated airports and one major passenger terminal in the United States, which is significantly more than our competitors.

All locations are supported by the best practices of the entire AvPORTS team of technicians, managers and administrators with high levels of professionalism and performance.

Our vast experience and integrated support systems have been developed with airport users and stakeholders such as public entities, corporate operators, commercial airlines and the US Armed Forces.


AvPORTS is one of the world’s longest established airport operators and aviation service providers.  We proudly trace our roots back to the very beginnings of commercial aviation when AvPORTS was first organised as the services arm of Pan American World Airways Inc.

Since 1929, Pan Am amassed a legacy of excellence as a specialised airport manager and fixed base operator that continues in AvPORTS today. Our modern history began with a 30-year lease from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that allowed us to transform Teterboro Airport into a major corporate gateway between 1970 and 2000. We continue to hold a management contract with Teterboro to this day.


45025 Aviation Drive, Suite 100

Dulles, VA 20166

United States of America