MariMils® is a Finnish high-tech company that has brought two new, innovative and unique technologies to the airport market: the dynamic MILS® passenger guiding system (which is based around our patented LED stripes and panels) and the unique patented ELSI™ sensing floor.

Passenger queuing, evacuation and guiding systems

These two technologies provide new possibilities to monitor and guide passengers at airports to solve bottlenecks in passenger management in different queuing and guiding situations. Their applications for airports include intelligent queuing systems, automatic security-gate guiding systems, evacuation systems and guiding solutions.

Intelligent queuing systems

MariMils® queuing systems detect the lengths of queues at passport, security and check-in areas, using ELSI™ floor technology. The MILS® stripes then guide people to the shortest open queue. If the queues are full, a system can warn the operators, who can open a new service desk that the queuing system can automatically manage.

Automatic security-gate guiding systems

To optimize the flow of people through security gates, MariMils® security gate solution controls flow through the gate using an ELSI™ sensing floor and MILS® stripes.

MariMils®' Intelligent queuing system combines MILS® and ELSI™ technologies in a unique way.
The MILS® LED stripe is available in multiple colours and in lengths up to several hundred metres.
MariMils®' guiding solutions increase customer satisfaction as finding the way at an airport is much easier.
The MILS® system is based around IP68 LED stripes, LED symbol and light panels and MILS® software.

The guiding stripes turn from red to green when the gate area is empty, indicating free entrance to the gate. When the person enters the gate, the stripe behind them turns again to red until the gate area is free. This reduces the need to manually guide/ask people to enter the gate and thus optimizes the utilization of security personnel and flow through the gate, as well as helping to keep the gate area clear.

Aircraft passenger guiding systems

When leaving the aircraft, MariMils® dynamic guiding systems can lead passengers to transit areas, passport control, baggage claim areas, etc. by using stripes of different colours. For example, aircrew can inform passengers leaving the aircraft to “follow the blue stripe in the airport to passport control.”

Evacuation systems

In emergency situations, MILS® evacuation systems guide people to the safest exit, based on real-time information from the fire detection system, and efficiently evacuate people out of the building according to the appropriate pre-programmed scenario. MILS® evacuation systems can also handle other emergencies such as terminal evacuation due to bomb scare, plane hijacking, flooding, etc.

MILS® controlling software is used to create different scenarios for different emergency situations.

Cost-efficient signage lighting

MILS® and ELSI™ technologies are developed and manufactured in Finland. The MILS® system is based around IP68 LED stripes, LED symbol and light panels and MILS® software. The system is fully monitored and backed up by batteries in case of power loss.

In addition to its unique guiding features, it requires virtually no maintenance and has a long lifetime and very low power use, bringing long-term savings over traditional signage lighting.

In-floor detection technology

ELSI™ floor detection technology is based on capacitive measurement. The sensor laminate is installed under the normal floor material meaning the system is totally concealed and well protected. The system detects people walking on the floor and is capable of tracking individuals, counting the amount of people on the floor and tracking their movement patterns.