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Professional VR Training Simulators for the Aviation Industry

Simpro provides professional virtual reality (VR) simulators to train aviation personnel on procedures and security threats.

Gromadzka Street 101,
30-719 Krakow,

Simpro provides professional virtual reality (VR) simulators to train aviation personnel on procedures and security threats.

Our high-quality VR products are designed for professional training within aviation, public safety and critical infrastructure, as well as minimise motion sickness caused by the simulation.

VR training simulators for airport staff

The VR Marshaller Simulator is a professional solution for training airport staff responsible for the safe parking of aircraft.

Realistic graphics for the VR Marshaller Simulator are powered by photogrammetry technology, and training processes can be remotely controlled from mobile devices. It features dedicated gesture recognition technology.

Our VR Airport Apron Simulator is designed for airport ground staff with realistic graphics that mimic a realistic location using photogrammetry technology. It has the ability to offer support for industry experts and training for different procedures in a single location.

Emergency training simulations for airports

The VR Emergency Treatment Simulator is a professional triage and emergency treatment training solution for airport emergency services.

Scenarios in the simulator can be dynamically modified during training for rescue procedures and it can gather behavioural data with training statistics. Our simulators have support with scientific research confirming the effectiveness of the training.

We offer dedicated VR training solutions that are developed according to customer requirements. We can customise cutting-edge mobile and stationary devices with the ability to create any location using photogrammetry technology. Simulators are available with support for industry experts and certifying institutions, assisted by scientific research.

Research and development of VR simulators

Simpro training simulators are supported by our scientific research and development department. We use advanced VR technology with a realistic recreation of various environments using photogrammetry. The effectiveness of training using our VR simulators is verified with psychophysiological tests.

One of the first installations is the ‘KRK Marshaller’ Simpro simulator, which is available to visitors at the Krakow Airport Aviation Education Center.

Simpro president Michał Litworowski says: “The presence of our simulation module at the Aviation Education Center allows us to implement one of the key strategic assumptions of the Simpro brand, which is education. We want the youngest recipients of such devices to be aware of innovative training solutions and the possibilities of their use in the real world.”

About Simpro and Nano Games

Simpro is a business unit that originated from Nano Games, which is a Polish technology company founded in 2009 that creates high-quality simulation games and VR simulation technologies.

Nano Games products are available internationally through large digital and traditional distribution platforms. The studio has been accredited for development by Sony and Microsoft.

In 2018, Nano Games started its partnership in publishing video games with Chinese companies. The company develops dedicated technology for high-quality multi-format games, in addition to professional simulators for rescue services under the Simpro brand.

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