Easat Antennas, based in Stoke-on-Trent (UK), was founded in 1987 as a specialist provider of radar antennas and sensors. Since that time, Easat has established a reputation as a world-leading supplier of advanced array and reflector antennas for use in radar surveillance of air, ground and sea targets for airport, port, border security and military applications.

With over 200 installations worldwide, Easat's reputation for supplying cost-effective, high performance antennas with proven reliability has led to many end-users and consultants specifying Easat antennas on their projects.

Antennas, pedestals and towers

Easat has a range of antennas, pedestals, towers and related services available for its customers.

Primary and secondary surveillance radars

We supply primary and secondary surveillance radars. The primary radars provide air surveillance to a nominal 60-mile range. The antenna is extremely versatile, and capable of being operated with a co-mounted MSSR.

Easat pallet-mounted tactical antenna in deployed mode.
Linear-array antenna mounted on a monotube tower.
Primary radar antenna in the test chamber.
Secondary radar antenna mounted on a monotube tower.

Secondary antennas are available in either standard (single beam) or mono-pulse configurations. They offer a shaped elevation pattern, a sharp horizon roll-off and superior gain, providing excellent system performance and reduced ground illumination.

Surface-movement reflectors

Targeted at the SMR, ASDE and A-SMGCS markets, Easat's EA3462 high-gain surface-movement reflector is designed to provide the highest performance available, whilst minimizing the weight and leading penalties often associated with reflector antennas.

This product has been chosen by several recognized national ATC authorities for reliable detection performance in poor weather conditions, typically found in regions where monsoon-type rainfall, snow, sleet and ice are prevalent. The antenna can be operated with or without a radome.

Linear-array antennas for ground-movement radar control

Easat have also designed a range of high-performance, low-cost linear-array antennas specifically for ground-movement radar control at airports. The EA6501 linear-array antenna is targeted at the SMR markets in the US, whereas the EA7401M model is targeted at the SMR markets in other parts of the world such as Canada, Europe and the Pacific Basin. The linear-array antenna design is based on cellular radio technology and provides high performance at low cost.

Tactical deployable air-surveillance antenna

The most recent addition to our product range is the tactical deployable air-surveillance antenna. This type of antenna can be supplied either trailer-mounted or palletized. The antenna system is self-contained and capable of being transported by ship, airplane or helicopter, or towed to the site.

The design provides for rapid deployment in less than 45min from arrival at the operating location.

Pedestals for rotating antennas

Easat's substantial skills and experience in microwave and mechanical design enable us to offer a wide range of pedestals suitable for rotating antennas. As acknowledged leaders in the design and manufacture of pedestals – renowned for their reliable and robust performance in the most extreme conditions, with the requirement of minimal maintenance – Easat regularly supply pedestals for other manufacturers' antennas. Pedestals can be provided with rotation rates from 5rpm to 60rpm.

Tower designs and radomes

We can also supply and install a range of tower designs and radomes to complement the radar systems in the range. The towers range from a tubular design with a vertical ladder or spiral stairway, to more complex lattice constructions with staircase access.

Custom radars and after-sales support

Every radar customer will need a unique radar requirement, taking into consideration the nature of the site, the radar detection task, and the available budget. Easat are able to provide site surveys, on-site surveillance as the radar is being assembled, and continual surveillance and support after the radar has been fully installed.

With users and customers including FAA (USA), NATS (UK), Transport Canada, the government of Malaysia, the UK MoD, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, configuring systems with Easat products ensures the highest confidence of achieving performance requirements, on time and on budget.