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Airport Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems

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Bosch Security Systems offers a wide range of products and solutions for effectively managing airport security, safety and communications.  The company’s extensive portfolio includes multi-criteria fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems with advanced anti-masking functionality, state-of-the-art CCTV systems with intelligent video analytics, as well as public address and voice alarm systems. In voice alarm systems, in particular, Bosch is the global supplier of choice with a tradition of quality and innovation going back many years. The company’s solutions are renowned for their audio clarity, versatility and reliability, and are backed up by the highest standards of service and support.

Bosch’s voice alarm systems, the mid-end Plena Voice Alarm System and the high-end fully digital Praesideo Emergency Sound System have now been granted EN 54 certification by independent accredited laboratories. Certification includes not only the central voice alarm equipment but also peripheral equipment such as power supply, charging equipment and a broad range of loudspeakers.

Voice alarm systems for airport security

Voice alarm systems play a crucial role in guaranteeing fast, safe evacuation in emergencies. They can ensure phased evacuation to manage the flow of people, and instruct passengers not to leave luggage unattended during bomb alerts or to leave everything behind in the event of fire. To be truly effective, however, a public address and emergency sound system for an airport must deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Public address and voice alarm systems

With more than 60 years experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivalled leadership in the field of public address and voice alarm systems. The company has provided systems and components for major airports around the world, including Charles de Gaulle Airport, Athens International Airport, Cairo Airport, Dubai Airport and Airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI).

Bosch technology to assure passenger safety at airports includes state-of-the-art CCTV with intelligent video analytics, advanced fire and intrusion alarm systems, and all digital public address and emergency evacuation equipment.
The Praesideo system is configurable from a PC and is fully controllable from customisable call stations and PC call stations.

Voice alarm system for provincial airports

For small to medium-sized provincial airports, the Plena Voice Alarm System offers best-in-class performance, providing an integrated combined voice evacuation and public address solution, with clear user interfaces and straightforward configuration. Besides being certified to the latest safety and security standards, Plena Voice Alarm products also support the market trend towards integration of voice alarm into fire alarm systems via a unique direct connection with the Bosch Fire Alarm Panels.

Emergency sound system for international airports

For more demanding applications, for example, in large international airports, Bosch offers the fully-digital Praesideo Emergency Sound System. This system provides virtually limitless multi-zone and networking possibilities and the superior sound quality that only digital audio processing can guarantee. Perfect for noisy environments where a lot of simultaneous messages are broadcast 24 hours a day. Praesideo’s digital architecture also brings programming power and scalability. Unlike traditional public address systems, the Praesideo system can be networked using fibre optic cabling to assure high reliability, redundancy and freedom from interference.

Public address loudspeakers and active line arrays for airport lounges

Excellent sound reproduction and distribution is also a prime requirement of all public address and EVAC systems. To guarantee this, Bosch has a broad portfolio of public address loudspeakers. This includes a new range of active line arrays that combine unmatched sound quality with an evenly distributed sound pattern in the often difficult acoustical environments of large airport departure or arrivals lounges.

Security, safety and communication products

Integral to Bosch’s success as a company is an in-depth understanding of its customers’ needs and a commitment to delivering solutions that add real value and a greater return on investment. Bosch ensures all of its security, safety and communication products are efficient and user-friendly, which makes them easier to install and use. In short, in Bosch Security Systems you will find a company committed to your success, because in your success lies the key to the success of Bosch Security Systems.


P.O. Box 90106
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