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Ticket and Receipt Printers

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Custom Engineering was founded in Parma, Italy, in 1992, for the purpose of designing and manufacturing specialized printers. The company’s intelligent printers are incorporated in equipment designed to product tickets, fiscal and non-fiscal receipts, electronic travel tickets, etc.

Printers for cash registers, ATMs, toll booths and automatic ticket dispensers

To quote a few examples, Custom Engineering’s printers are incorporated into cash registers, ATM and night safe machines, motorway toll booths, automatic ticket dispensers in railway stations and airports, and automatic parking ticket dispensers.

OEM and desktop printing equipment and point-of-sale touch-screen PCs

Custom Engineering has a long history of supplying OEM printing equipment, desktop printing devices, point-of-sale (POS) touch-screen PCs and other hardware to the transport, hospitality and manufacturing sectors.

Customised industry printers

You will come into contact with Custom printers much more than you realize as they have a thousand applications. Each has precise features custom-made for the service to be provided, the operator and the information to be printed.

Custom Engineering designs and manufactures specialized printers for tickets and receipts.
Custom Engineering's printers are used in cash registers, ATMs, toll booths and automatic ticket dispensers.
Custom Engineering printers are made bespoke for each application.
The company supplies OEM and desktop printing equipment and point-of-sale touch-screen PCs.

This is the main characteristic of the company’s equipment: all Custom Engineering’s printers are made bespoke to exactly suit each individual client’s requirements.

Event and transport ticket printers

Custom Engineering recently introduced a range of solutions specifically designed for the ticketing industry. The company is able to bring up-to-the-minute technology from other sectors to event and transport ticketing.

Boarding pass and bag tag printers

Amongst Custom Engneering’s range of printers for transport ticketing are printers which produce boarding passes and bag tags.

Event ticket printers and RFID printers/encoders

The company’s specific ticket-industry technology includes solutions for both desktop and self-service ticketing. The product range features a variety of ticket printers, RFID printers/encoders, box office POS touch-screen devices, receipt printers, kiosk OEM products and complete kiosks.

In addition to supplying the technology, our dedicated partner will assist in software integration, guaranteeing compatibility with all software platforms in use in the ticketing sector.

Triple-feed equipment for desktop and self-service printers

The latest development from Custom is the Triple Feeder for desktop and self-service printers.

In the new generation of slim kiosks there is no space for three separate printers to dispense boarding passes, bag tags and standard receipts. Triple Feeder allows the user to produce these three different types of tickets on a single printer.

Press Releases

  • Custom and Hanindo: New Branch Office in Shenzhen

    The partnership born four years ago in China, between Italian company, Custom Engineering and Hanindo China is widening its horizons and operative sectors by opening the second branch office in Shenzhen City, in Guangdong county.

  • Custom Presents VK80 New Heavy-Duty Compact Ticket Printer

    Custom is pleased to present the new VK80, a compact ticket printer which comes equipped with the latest technologies for heavy-duty applications. The VK80 works in tough environments from -20°C to +70°C; the strong cutter can handle heavy paper up to 255gsm. With the embedded p

  • CUSTOM's Range of Kiosk Thermal Printers

    CUSTOM offers the widest range of kiosk thermal printers, able to answer to the various needs that can show up. CUSTOM kiosk printers meet user needs; our solutions are the right mix of reliability, flexibility and performances. CUSTOM printers are the answer to last market enquiries l

  • Custom Introduces Printers Dedicated to the Air Transportation Industry

    Custom has introduced a complete range of printers dedicated to the air transportation industry. By applying innovative thinking to a resolve problems, with huge creative engineering resources, we are uniquely positioned to devise robust, cost effective and optimum, customised solutions.

  • Custom Sponsors Serie A Matches

    Custom is delighted to announce that it has been the sponsor for many soccer matches in the Italian Serie A football league in the 2009/2010 season, including Roma versus Udinese, Udinese versus Juventus, Lazio versus Roma and Lazio versus Inter. It will soon sponsor Lazio versus Udinese, and t

  • Custom Engineering Launches RFID Ticket Printer for OEM Integration

    The KPM400, an RFID ticket printer for OEM integration, prints on ticket widths from 50mm to 120mm (maximum printing area 104mm with 200dpi head), with paper thickness from 70g/m² to 350g/m². KPM400 is a very fast (250mm/s) thermal ticket printer, which prints high-resolution

  • KPM300H - Born to be Strong

    Custom is glad to show the latest RFID ticket printer for heavy-duty applications. With a very fast printing speed of > 250mm/sec, KPM300H prints on high quality and on ticket widths from 45mm - 82.5mm, with a paper thickness of up to 350g/m2. KPM300H can be equipped with barcode sc

  • TK200 - Thermal Barcode Printer

    Custom presents TK200, a thermal barcode printer specially designed for heavy duty ticket printing applications, like cinema and theatre ticketing. Supplied with USB and serial port as standard, TK200 connects directly to a PC. Software features: AEA protocol

  • TK300II - RFID Ticket and Barcode Printer

    Custom presents TK300II, a thermal ticket printer specially designed for: Desktop ticketing Transport: railways, boarding passes, bag tags Entertainment: cinema, theatre, museum and concert Sports events: stadium Parking: pay stations, attend

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