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Aircraft Docking and Maintenance Platforms for Aviation MRO

Turner Access provides affordable, robust and reconfigurable aircraft docking solutions and maintenance platforms for the aviation MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) sector.

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Turner Access provides cost-effective, durable and reconfigurable aircraft docking solutions and maintenance platforms for the aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry.

Economical aircraft docking for aircraft

We have produced outlines for numerous types of aircraft, including Boeing Aircraft, the Airbus Series, Embraer, DC Aircraft, Bombardier, as well as military applications.

Aviation docking applications have included nose, tail and wing docks, crown and cockpit access, fuselage docking, pylon access and engine docks, cargo door access, and avionics access platforms.

Our docking systems for aircraft maintenance are manufactured in the UK, in a facility accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. State-of-the-art technology ensures that our aircraft docks are built to meet the highest requirements.

Our aircraft docking structures provide a platform for ease of movement and access around the work area.
Maintenance platforms are quick to assemble and can encase the aircraft closely with a wrap-around structure.
Access can be designed to any part of the aircraft to facilitate different types of MRO operations.
The Deltadeck platform provides a safer alternative to ladders, steps and trestles.
Tailored access solutions designed for each client’s individual requirements.
Platform options are available to meet client requirements.
A full-contract service is provided using our fully qualified aircraft docking technicians.
Previous applications include Airbus Series, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier, military applications, Embraer, DC Aircraft, and other types of light utility aircraft.
Docking structures can be encapsulated to protect the MRO work environment.

Lightweight and robust aircraft docking structures

We can provide mobile or static, aluminium or steel maintenance docking structures and access towers. We can also supply fully tailored docking systems that suit individual client specifications for standard access platforms and single module accessibility.

Challenging deadlines in the MRO industry require incredibly efficient levels of productivity. Turner Access docking solutions are quick to assemble and can encase any type of aircraft closely, meaning work can be carried out promptly and effectively.

All of our components are lightweight yet extremely robust. Aircraft docks and maintenance platforms can be constructed on mobile bases, allowing for faster docking and de-docking. Joints won’t come loose when being positioned, and can be made tamper-resistant if required.

Turner Access aircraft docks can be broken down, modified, and reconfigured, unlike fixed docking, which means they can be reused time and again for various types of aircraft.

High-quality materials offering versatility, speed. strength, and mobility, and are combined with design support to suit the client’s specific needs. Turner Access’ MRO docks and access platforms comply with occupational health and safety administration requirements, as well as BS EN product standards.

Aviation low-level access platforms

Turner Access also manufactures a range of access equipment for working safely at height. Our scaffold towers, aluminium access products, folding towers, and aviation low-level access platforms are all backed up with after-sales support and training if required.

One popular access solution is the Deltadeck low-level platform, providing a safer alternative to steps, trestles and ladders. It is one complete unit that assembles and dismantles in less than a minute, providing multiple working heights, and can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation.

Fully guard-railed at all times, the Deltadeck reduces the risk of falling from height while operatives carry out maintenance and repair operations to aircraft.

Reducing aircraft downtime with fast and reliable service

We can provide a cost-effective service package, including anything from aircraft docking design, to installation and after-sales support. We help to facilitate aircraft overhaul and maintenance works and minimise the time your aircraft is on the ground.

Our aviation docking designers are experienced in producing customised access platform designs using 2D and 3D drawing software, creating a package that will ensure MRO operatives can gain quick and easy access to the aircraft, reducing aircraft downtime.

We can provide a full contracting service, using our qualified aircraft docking technicians. Aircraft docking assembly and dismantling is carried out quickly and safely, leaving you free from any access worries.

We have installed docking systems around everything from small regional aircraft to large airliners for commercial and military clients. A range of sales and rental packages are also available.

We can also provide training to cover aircraft dock inspection and maintenance, as well as in-depth product knowledge. Our experienced personnel can also provide industry knowledge and valuable insight into the MRO docking sector.


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