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Air+Mak Industries Inc designs and manufactures aircraft ground support equipment such as power units, air-conditioning systems, air start units, cargo / baggage tractors (electric), and load banks.

We have provided a diverse range of aircraft ground support equipment for more than four decades, with satisfied customers that include major civil airlines and defense organizations for approximately 36 countries.

Our product range includes:

  • 40kVA-180kVA 400Hz AC / 28.5V DC ground power units, diesel-driven and solid-state
  • 100PPM-400PPM air start units
  • 5TR-150TR air-conditioning units with heater
  • 4,000lb drawbar pull cargo / baggage tractors electric
  • 400Hz AC / 28.5VDC load banks, portable, fully digital

Ground support equipment with touchscreen control

All ground support equipment incorporates an innovative touchscreen control panel. MAK GSEM V8 is a control panel with interactive graphical user interface (GUI) displaying all operational parameters on a single screen with fault log chart and troubleshooting guide to help users solve problems instantaneously.

Air+Mak is a global supplier of ground power units for airports.
Air+Mak air start units are used by commercial and defense customers worldwide, including the US Air Force.
We provide air-conditioning units for airlines to cool and heat aircraft cabins.
We design and manufacture airport apron tractors, which are electric-powered and capable of pulling loads of up to 2,500kg.
We provide load banks to calibrate static frequency converters and ground power units.
Air+Mak provides aircraft operators with 400Hz AC / 28.5VDC load banks, which are fully digital and portable.
Our factory manufactures a complete range of ground support equipment for aircraft.

Ground power units (GPU) for aircraft operations

Air+Mak Industries Inc has been designing and manufacturing 400Hz ground power supply units for aircraft applications for more than 40 years and is a pioneer of digital 400Hz GPUs worldwide.

GPUs are manufactured from 40kVA-180kVA 400Hz AC and up to 2,500A 28.5VDC, in accordance with the latest emission regulations.

MAK GPUs are built with MAK 400Hz alternators with double bearing and the highest class of insulation.

They are manufactured to be towable trailer-mounted, self-propelled and skid-mounted for commercial trucks.

Air pollution-free static frequency converters / sold-state ground power units (SGPU)

Solid-state ground power units are similar to conventional GPUs in terms of rating and performance but use commercial mains supply instead of a diesel engine. These units are air pollution-free, reduce operational noise and are much more compact than standard GPUs.

The power ratings are the same as GPUs, of 40kVA-180kVA and 28.5VDC. They are available in two models, which are vertical and jet-bridge mount types.

Air start units (ASUs) for commercial jets

Air start units used to start commercial jet plane engines are manufactured from 100PPM to 400PPM based on engine requirements.

The ASUs are built with proprietary digital pressure control system, which automatically regulates the output air pressure / flow for different aircraft.
As with GPUs, ASUs are also manufactured to be towable trailer-mounted, self-propelled and skid-mounted for trucks.

Air-conditioning units (ACUs) for aircraft cabins on ground

Air-conditioning units used to cool aircraft cabins on the ground are made with an extensive capacity from 5TR to 150TR, and are also available with heating options based on ambient conditions and aircraft size.

Also known as ground cooling units, this type of equipment is built with direct-drive or electric-drive technology. Units are self-propelled and also manufactured for skid-mounting on trucks, as well as being towable when trailer-mounted.

Apron tractors (AT) for airport cargo / baggage dollies

Electric apron tractors are used for cargo / baggage dollies at airports, these units have a pull capacity of 4,000lb (2,500kg) and feature power steering, hydraulic brakes and ergonomic cabins.

A totally emissions-free unit, this is ideal for use in airports where the cargo hold is located underground and using diesel tractors is impractical.

Load banks (ALB / DLB) for airport ground power units

Load banks are used for testing / calibrating ground power units and static frequency converters over regular intervals. Units are made with similar power ratings of GPUs in 48kW-144kW 400Hz AC and 300A-2,500A 28.5VDC

MAK’s load banks are portable, robust and fully digital with a touchscreen display and load bank monitoring system (LBMS), which records operational parameters on a PC via USB.

All load banks come with a wheeled enclosure trolley for optimum portabilty.

Remote diagnosis and monitoring system (RDMS)

A unique feature across MAK’s ground support product range gives users the capacity to monitor equipment parameters and health anytime and from anywhere in the world.

A MAK Wireless Module (MWM) is fitted on the equipment with an M2M SIM card that uses mobile data to communicate the unit’s operational parameters at regular intervals to a Cloud server. This solution enables users to monitor performance from a computer or smartphone through a software application.

This solution records all operational parameters, fault alerts, maintenance schedule, AMC management, ad-hoc servicing record, order spares and a schedule to receive automated reports straight to your inbox.