Netherlands-based All About Signs, an airside and landside signage innovator with more than 40 years’ technological and commercial experience, is a specialist when it comes to modern taxiway guidance signs (TGSs).

Alternative technology LED signs

Existing taxiway guidance techniques are generally based on back-light illumination with halogen, fluorescent tubes and LED. All About Signs has developed a new concept of TGS and signage, resulting in its alternative use of LED technology.

Energy efficient taxiway guidance signs

LED use for illumination is by no means new and its employment in TGS systems has become more common in recent years. By applying special LED applications in combination with edge-light techniques, high-tech polymers and high-performance electronics, the patented FLAT-Light TGS wastes less energy than its LED-illuminated counterparts.

This is not only beneficial for low energy consumption, but the layout of the system and carefully selected materials and components enables an unprecedented warranty period.

FLAT-Light TGS: the environmentally conscious airport sign.
Taxiway guidance sign that is 80mm-thick and made of long-lasting materials.
The base and break coupling needs only two anchors to mount.

Minimum carbon footprint philosophy

Airport management around the world is increasingly aware of its corporate responsibility regarding CO2 emission. The FLAT-Light TGS uses almost 80% less energy than its halogen counterpart, which results in lower CO2 emissions and money saved on energy bills.

This reduction in energy means that there is no need to change light bulbs three times a year or tubes once, which enables users to save considerably on maintenance costs. LED will last for at least 50,000 hours without maintenance.

Low-cost taxiway guidance lights

Saving energy, minimising maintenance, reducing CO2 emissions and long-term warranties are key to lowering costs. Compared to conventional halogen taxiway guidance lighting, FLAT-Light TGS saves up to 73% on annual costs, including energy consumption, maintenance and depreciation. On average, money can be earned back within two and a half to three years when replacing halogen-illuminated systems with FLAT-Light TGS.

Guideline and regulation-compliant signs

FLAT-Light TGS complies with all technical and operational guidelines and regulations. Temperatures between -20°C and 55°C are no problem, while frangibility is tested for mode two (wind loads of 322kph) and mode three (wind loads of 483kph). The system is also protected against water and dust, with an IP65 rating. The FLAT-Light TGS can be powered from 120Vac, 240Vac, 4.8 to 6.6A, 2.8 to 6.6A, as well as other sources on request.

All About Signs company profile

All About Signs is supported by Brainport and based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which is the world’s most intelligent community of the year 2011, according to the Intelligent Community Forum. Working in this focused area, All About Signs is both a straightforward and pioneering company.

All About Signs is happy to help you calculate the payback time in your situation. Feel free to get in touch for more information or quotations tailored to your runway or taxiway layout.