Sky Lighting is a leading organisation involved in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining aircraft warning lights and obstruction lights for high rise structures.

Long-lasting LED aircraft obstruction lights

At Sky Lighting, we specialise in producing long-lasting LED aircraft obstruction lights with cutting-edge technology in the ranges of low intensity and medium intensity lights, in line with civil / federal aviation authority requirements I.C.A.O. Annex 14.

As no two lighting requirements or installations are the same, Sky Lighting offers a full range of pre, during and after sales service, including design and layout of lighting, cable runs, special product design and testing.

Sky Lighting works closely with the civil aviation authority to ascertain what requirements are needed for each individual structure, thus ensuring that the client has been provided with the most up-to-date system available.

SL32 dual low intensity light.
SL32 single low intensity light.
SL5000 medium intensity aircraft warning light.
SL99 high intensity light.
SL100 solar powered low intensity light.

Dual low intensity light

The SL32 is a red LED flashing or steady burning dual low intensity aviation obstruction light. It is specially designed for use on a variety of cranes used in harbours, metallurgies, towers (telecom, GSM) smokestacks and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic.

This product can be used alone on buildings and structures whose height is lower than 45m or can be used with a medium intensity light if the height is higher than 45m.

This product consists of two SL32 aircraft obstruction lights. When and if the service light fails the controller switches on the standby light automatically to ensure there is a light working. This product is extremely reliable so it has a maintenance cost-saving. The SL32 complies with ICAO & FAA regulations, minimum intensity varies from 10cd to 100cd.

Single low intensity light

The SL32 is a single LED low intensity steady burning aircraft warning light. This product can be used alone to mark various structures and buildings whose height is lower than 45m or can also be used along with a medium intensity lights to mark heights higher than 45m.

Some typical applications suitable for the SL32 are telecom towers, radio towers. wind turbines, smoke stacks and chimneys, cranes and power transmission lines. The SL32 complies with ICAO and FAA regulations, minimum intensity varies from 10cd to 100cd.

Medium intensity aircraft warning light

The SL5000 is a red flashing or steady burning LED medium intensity aviation obstruction light and is suitable for marking towers (telecom, GSM), flare stacks and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic.

This product can be used alone or used with a low intensity obstruction light whose building height is between 45m -105m. If the building is higher than 105m this product can be used with high intensity obstruction light to play a warning role. Aluminum case is used for the bottom of the SL5000 and for the lamp PC material is used. This product is corrosion resistant, anti-UV and impact resistant.

High intensity light

The SL99 is a high intensity obstruction light with uni-directional flash design. This product is a single unit with a light operated switch. Enclosed in the structure is stainless steel and omniseal and the transmission efficiency is strong because it is a highly efficient blink device.

This series of products is mainly used on top of high rise buildings or structures, high chimneys communication towers, with a height of 150m or more. As this product has control circuit with surge protection the device is strong in impact resistance.

Solar powered low intensity light

The SL100 is a low intensity solar powered aircraft warning light. This product provides power supply to the light. This unit is self-contained, care free and light. With the solar function the light is easy to deploy to almost any condition. The robust body and surface coating provides the SL100 with good protection and it is suitable for use in harsh environments.

This product is equipped with an 8Ah NiMH rechargeable battery, which can power the light for up to 20 days even if the weather is cloudy and rainy. The NiMH battery is also a clean power source with no pollution. The SL100 can be flashing or steady burning depending on your requirements.