Lifts all

Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions is one of the world’s most innovative developers of ergonomic baggage lifting tools. The products we offer today are the pneumatic lift cylinder Bal-Trol with vacuum lifters, baggage lift tables, overhead rail systems, jib cranes, installation and maintenance services. Lifts All AHS will help you to reduce the number of work related injuries. A healthier and happier workforce means higher productivity and reduced costs.

Tailor-made lift systems

Lifts All AHS has 30 employees working in modern premises in Järfälla, 32km south of Arlanda airport and 25km north-west of Stockholm city. Sales, design, workshop and administration are gathered under the same roof and 100% dedicated to developing and manufacturing baggage lifts.

Since 1994 the company’s specialty is ergonomic tailor-made lift systems for tough work environments that demand lifting aids for repetitive handling.

Basic lifts hard bags with vacuum.
Basic soft bags with vacuum.
An example of a complete Basic lift system with Bal-Trol and overhead rail system. The most energy-saving lifter on the market.
Container Loading System for baggage at Munich Airport.
Container Unloading System for baggage at Munich Airport.
The CLS launcher automatically pushes luggage from telescopic tables.
CLS-e is an electric container loading system.

Unique baggage lifting products

Our unique baggage lifting products consists of the vacuum lift Basic and the unique lifting tables Container Loading System (CLS) and Container Unloading System (CUS). All of them are adaptable to existing environments and fulfill the requirements of speed, durability, ergonomics and energy consumption. The CLS and the CUS have been developed by Lifts All AHS to load and unload bags and cargo into and out of containers.

Baggage lifts since 2000

Our first own-developed baggage lift was produced in the year 2000. The real start for Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions came with the development of a new baggage lift in 2007, the BHV, in conjunction with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Two years later, 60 BHVs were delivered, followed by more.

Together with Schiphol Airport, we also later developed the lifting tables CLS and CUS. Today Lifts All deliver Baggae handling sytems worldwide.

Lifting aids to improve physical health

Lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling on a repetitive basis have always caused harm to workers in the transport and logistics sector, especially for baggage handlers.

According to the Swedish Labour Department and its AFS 1998:1, which applies to the EU directives, all lifts by hand weighing more than 15kg / 33lbs shall be avoided, but they also address a warning for weights more than 3kg / 6.6lbs under certain circumstances. Such circumstances are lifting awkward objects that are lifted with a bent or twisted back, or with hands below knee height or raised above shoulders, which are familiar circumstances for many baggage handlers.

The European Council’s directive 90 / 269 / EEG states that if the demand of manual loading cannot be avoided, the employer shall create organizational changes or make sure that the employees have such lifting aids to his or her disposal, that the risks with manual loading are reduced. This has not always been easy in the field of baggage handling and especially not for container loading. There simply haven’t been any good ergonomic lifting aids available. Until now!