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Hog Technologies Non-Destructive Rubber and Pavement Marking Removal Systems

The award-winning Stripe Hog® is the most advanced rubber and paint marking removal system in the industry today. No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance on a single truck chassis.

It is quicker, cleaner, and more easily adapted to the pavement maintenance needs of today’s major airports. The most remarkable attribute of the Stripe Hog is its ability to remove markings from asphalt and concrete with zero impact to the surface.

The Stripe Hog captive waterblasting system is ideally suited for all airport-related pavement cleaning and marking removal projects. Its superior performance is a combination of an ultra-high pressure pump, vacuum recovery and the immediate separation of recovered liquid and debris.

The Stripe Hog operates with only clean water, no chemicals or additives. Rubber deposits, paint and thermoplastic cannot withstand the pulverizing force of up to 40,000psi (2,750bar) needle sharp waterjets.

With up to 3,150gal (11,924l) of clean water supporting a minimum of four and a half hours of continuous operation. The complete elimination of surface pre-treatments saves you time and money.

Rubber removal with simultaneous vacuum recovery

Secondary clean-up operations are completely eliminated with Stripe Hog’s 1,400cfm (2,378m³/hr) vacuum recovery system. No more run-off, no more rinsing, and no more secondary sweeper or vacuum trucks.

The immediate recovery of liquid and solid debris occurs simultaneous with the blasting process. Given the proper weather conditions, new markings can be applied at the same location in 20 to 30 minutes.

Your removal project will be done quicker, cleaner, without unnecessary support equipment, and with fewer employees. You will save money, enjoy better results, and have greater confidence in your care of the environment.

Separation of recovered liquid from solid debris

The time consuming, complex disposal process that accompanies our competitors’ products does not apply to Stripe Hog. A 100 Micron Filter immediately separates the liquid from the debris so that the debris water can be quickly decanted in most places without leaving the jobsite.

The efficiency of our patent pending disposal process will shorten your down time and increase your continuous operating time. While disposal requirements may vary significantly from one country to the next, we guarantee that this process will be far less complicated and at a lower cost than all other systems on the market.

Self-contained truck-mounted system

Mobility and maneuverability are essential to superior performance. Operating a system that requires trailers or additional support trucks will only increase your costs.
Trailers can also be an operational hazard, even in the hands of the most skilled operators. Support tanker or pump trucks require additional operators, fuel, and maintenance, which add to your costs.

With the Stripe Hog, everything is on one truck. One individual can easily operate the truck mounted blasting system without assistance. Superior design and maneuverability mean greater efficiency and lower costs for the airport.

Applications other than runways

Regardless of what your removal needs will be, or how difficult the area is to access, there is a Stripe Hog’s blasting head option perfectly fit for the task.

These options may be reviewed on our website. Examples of applications where the Stripe Hog is easily adapted with outstanding results include:

  • Taxiway, apron and gate markings
  • Aircraft parking stands and hanger floors
  • Auto-parking lots and garages
  • Auto-service and ring roads

In a growing number of countries around the world, the Stripe Hog has become the leader in non-destructive rubber and paint marking removal. We encourage you to visit our website, or contact us directly, for more information about our various products. You are also welcome to visit our corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Florida.

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Press Release

Hog Technologies Releases Thermoplastic Hog Pump

The Thermo Hog has been advancing development within the pavement marking industry with the melting system, Hog Speed Control, lower weight, and conveyor system, and the patented thermoplastic Hog Pump.

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Stripe Hog Waterblasting Systems

A Stripe Hog Waterblasting System is a mobile, ultra-high-pressure Waterblasting System that incorporates a powerful vacuum recovery system and an onboard water and debris separation system.

Corporate Headquarters

3170 SE Slater Street




United States of America

+877 464 7623 (Toll Free) +1 772 214 1714 (Office) Hog Pump

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Regional Offices

Corporate Headquarters

3170 SE Slater Street




United States of America

+877 464 7623 (Toll Free) +1 772 214 1714 (Office) Hog Pump

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