Nedap AVI is a leading specialist in solutions for long-range identification and wireless vehicle detection. Nedap systems are installed to optimize, monitor and control the flow of vehicles and people in cities, at industrial sites and in buildings. The Dutch technology company Nedap is the leading specialist in solutions for long-range RFID with more than 30 years of RFID experience.

The portfolio consists of an innovative range of products that combine leading edge technology with extensive manufacturing experience.

Hands-free door access

Access control in airport buildings is no longer only about achieving the highest levels of security. Nedap has released uPASS Access: the world’s smallest UHF reader for hands-free building access. uPASS Access reads normal, battery-less, access badges at a distance of two meters. It utilizes passive UHF cards (EPC GEN 2) and supports combi cards that incorporate both UHF and all conventional card technologies.

uPASS Access is the perfect solution for land and air side doors at airports that require convenience and security, such as: office doors, high volume entrances, logistic entrances and disabled access points. uPASS Access is designed to mount on standard door mullions and is easy to integrate with any type of security system.

Effective taxi management systems for airports.
Nedap's long-range reader, Transit, can read AVI tags at a distance of 33ft, at vehicle speeds of up to 125mph.
The ANPR Access is a licence plate reader to allow entry into restricted-access and environmental zones.
Each SENSIT sensor uses both an infrared eye and a magnetic sensor to detect vehicle presence.
Dynamic real-time parking guidance in cities.

Vehicle identification

Control of traffic flow without compromising on convenience or security becomes a possibility with Nedap AVI technology. Nedap offers reliable vehicle access control, which means only authorized vehicle and/or driver combinations will have access to your premises; the barrier opens when the vehicle approaches. Nedap AVI technology is easy to integrate into any type of application, including public and private parking facilities, land and air side operations, taxi dispatch systems, bus fleet management, and restricted airport access systems.

Nedap offers a series of long-range identification solutions, transponder-based RFID technologies and ANPR licence plate readers.


The robust TRANSIT reader, based on semi-active RFID technology, has been specifically designed to perform in high-security applications and under harsh environmental conditions. The Booster 2G solution ensures that a vehicle will only be granted access when it is driven by an authorized person. This solutions is even useful in flexible driver and vehicle situations. TRANSIT features a read range of up to 33ft (10m) and up to 125mph (200km/hr) for all types of vehicles.

uPASS Reach

Nedap’s uPASS Reach is a AVI system operating on passive UHF technology for convenient vehicle access to private and commercial estates. This versatile reader offers parking and building entrance access in one integrated solution. The Dual!D extension enables authorisation of vehicle and driver combinations. With a read range of up to 4m (12ft), uPASS is ideal for use in car parks, gated communities and staff parking areas.

ANPR Access

The licence plate reader ANPR Access is specifically designed for those vehicle access applications where tags cannot be issued. Easy to integrate with existing access control systems through Wiegand communication, ANPR Access is ideal for city and parking access and traffic monitoring, as well as for installations with temporary or incidental use.

Wireless parking sensor system

SENSIT from Nedap enables clever parking technology with an accurate vehicle occupancy detection system. The system consists of a network of wireless vehicle detection sensors that report on the occupation of each individual parking spot. This parking occupancy system provides reliable, real-time data, which aids:

  • Guidance with limiting traffic congestion
  • Alerts to prevent abuse of parking spaces
  • Reporting of misdemeanors to optimize parking utilization

SENSIT is already at work in numerous applications worldwide for parking guidance, truck stop parking, overstay enforcement, pre-registered vehicle groups (permit holders, disabled, or VIP) and detection of security risks. The reader’s dual detection technology offers an impressive performance that is unmatched in the industry. Each sensor uses both an infrared eye and a magnetic sensor to detect vehicle presence, making output more reliable.

SENSIT from Nedap is a robust and wireless system that can be installed swiftly and easily. Actual information from the sensors can be easily integrated into third-party parking guidance, enforcement or management systems.