Dutch company eezeetags develops and produces bag tag solutions for self-service bag drop processes. This wholly new approach is used with the upcoming BagDrop self-service operation, where passengers will be able to use an automated service to tag their own bags.

A smart self-bag-tagging solution

The advanced product design has resulted in a special adhesive that only sticks to itself, and not to bags, clothes, children or floors. This makes the self-tagging service simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Furthermore, eezeetags have no backing to pull away, which means that no waste is created at the tagging point, reducing the impact on the environment. This all adds up to make eezeetags an essential component in the BagDrop self-service process, helping it to be a viable option for airports.

A better baggage tag for passengers

Airports and airlines face challenges with the growing number of passengers travelling, and this is something that self-baggage-dropping can address. With eezeetags, the passenger experience is massively improved, because dropping a bag becomes easy and fast. This in turn, leads to shortened lines and increased terminal capacity.

eezeetags is intuitive, and only sticks to itself.
eezeetags founder and managing director Borry Vrieling.
The backless eezeetags only sticks to itself.
Bag tags from eezeetags have already been used by more than eight million passengers a year in numerous major European airports.
The company's bag tags improve passenger experiences by shortening wait times and increasing terminal capacity.

With passengers put in charge of their own baggage drop, processing staff can be freed up to help those who really need assistance, such as the elderly. Passengers don’t enjoy standing in line, and with self-bag-drops they will have more time to spend relaxing in shops and bars before boarding, rather than stressfully rushing around, trying to catch their flights on time.

The growing popularity of self-service baggage drops

Bag tags from eezeetags have already been used by more than eight million passengers a year in numerous major European airports. The company is dedicated to improving its products, and is keen to work closely with existing and future customers. By conducting joint analysis of specific needs, and even adapting eezeetags where necessary, it aims to provide the solution to your problem.

Clients’ operational processes are the most important focal point for eezeetags. Its combination of extensive market experience and sensible investments in technology, allows eezeetags to deliver the smartest of labels. The company develops the products that solve complex challenges.