ELJ Bordet

ELJ Bordet is a leading supplier of folding and stackable furniture in the European market, providing its products to a number of different industries, including aviation. The company’s goal is to become Scandinavia’s leading supplier of flexible furniture for airports, public spaces, offices, restaurants, hotels, events and festivities.

Amongst other folding and stackable furniture, ELJ produces a number of different crowd control barriers, which are ideal for airports and other busy public areas. All products are available in various colour combinations, such as red, black, white, brass, stainless and blue.

Interchangeable crowd control tape barriers

BANK crowd control tape barriers are composed of three interchangeable parts, which makes for a more flexible and economical product in the long run. In just a few seconds you can change the tape colour or bolt on a crown so that you can use ropes instead of tape.

ELJ Bordet is a leading supplier of folding and stackable furniture in the European market.
ELJ Bordet stocks practical black windshields for crowd control barriers with rope. The product is useful for advertising.
Practical post sign holders are available in chrome, black and brass.
ELJ produces a number of different crowd control barriers, which are ideal for airports and other busy public areas.
ELJ Bordet can deliver any order in just a couple of days across Europe.

The MÄSS product is another crowd control tape barrier and the original model from the company. The MÄSS range can be found at many airports, banks, fairs and other public spaces around Scandinavia. Both BANK and MÄSS consist of 180cm-long retractable tapes that are held between two 90cm poles, which weigh 9kg.

Flexible and economical crowd control rope barriers

DISCO crowd control rope barriers are the original ELJ Bordet model used at many airports, restaurants, hotels, bars, discos, fairs and other Scandinavian destinations. The product is available as a stainless steel or brass post with DISCO-style crown and a choice of red, black or blue rope.

The HOTEL crowd control rope barrier is a new concept, which ELJ Bordet has developed over a long period of time, made up of three interchangeable parts that make it more flexible and economical in the long run. In just a few seconds users can replace the crown with tape cartridges. The products’ stainless-steel posts are attached with red, black or blue rope. Ropes are 150cm long, weigh 9kg with 90cm-high poles.

Tape and rope barrier accessories

Accessories are available for both tape and rope barriers so that users can maximise their space and customise crowd control to specific needs.

Some of the crowd control barrier accessories that are available include:

  • Wall mount tape dispensers (black, blue and red)
  • Wall mounts (stainless and black)
  • Practical post sign holders (chrome, black and brass)
  • Rope clasps (stainless and brass)
  • Wall mount latches (stainless and brass)
  • Braided ropes (stainless and brass / black, off-white and red wine)
  • Velvet ropes (stainless and brass / black, blue, red wine)
  • Practical black windshields for crowd control barriers with ropes, useful for advertising (LG-16 / LG-18) (1m, 1.5m, 2m)

Steel and aluminium stackable chairs

ELJ Bordet manufactures a wide range of stackable chairs, in a variety of styles, colours and materials. Stackable chairs are manufactured using steel and aluminium, with hard-wearing fabric and a shaped position. All seats are lightweight (4.1kg, 4.6kg, 5.3kg and 5.7kg), while wagons are available for transport and storage, with each being able to hold 25 chairs.

Durable outdoor folding chairs

ELJ Bordet’s range of folding chairs come in white, black, grey and blue, fabric and full-plastic, are made from durable plastic and are ideal for outdoor use. The chairs weigh either 3.5kg or 4kg, depending on the model, and offer the ability to fold away into a cart, which can hold 30 or 50 chairs.

Folding tables

ELJ Bordet stocks a number of folding tables, suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • The Blowmould range is a lightweight table that can withstand tough conditions, both in and outdoors
  • Starko is a stable, foldable table that is ideal for lunch, desktop or meeting use
  • Both the Bankett and Café ranges of stable, foldable tables are well-suited to restaurants, hotels and major conferences
  • The Congress and Dinner tables are the latest in ELJ Bordet’s product range; these foldable tables are suitable for use in conferences, restaurants and training sessions

About ELJ Bordet

Since July 2006, the company has been owned entirely by Johan and Oscar Aggebrink and their aim is to continue the development of folding and stackable furniture. ELJ Bordet produces products in its factory in Sweden, as well as in Asia. Because ELJ Bordet stocks all of its products, the company can deliver any order across Europe in just a couple of days.