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Turnkey Air Traffic Control Communication Systems

Frequentis provides air traffic control communication systems for air navigation service providers and airbase personnel.

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Frequentis provides air traffic control communication systems for air navigation service providers and airbase personnel.

Aeronautical information management for airports

Frequentis holds a market-leading position in aeronautical information management (AIM) with a large base of stand-alone systems installed worldwide. The company is a supplier of AIM hub systems that are operated globally.

AIM solutions are provided to serve civilian and industry customers, customised to fit the needs of large regional organisations, as well as standalone installations.

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs), civilian aviation authorities, airlines and commercial data management organisations rely on proven systems and services.

Frequentis leads the way in solutions for optimising and collaborating resources, with safety being a priority. These include voice, data and recording solutions, air traffic management (ATM) networks, and collaboration tools for private Cloud and IPs.

The company’s solutions result in turnkey communication systems for air remote virtual towers and control centres.

Military and airbase tower control systems

Military ATM and airbase operation efficiency and safety can be enhanced by smartVISION. The product combines the comprehensive Tower and Airport (TAP) Tools ATM software suite with Rheinmetall defence application sensors.

This programme enhances the level of force protection for airbase personnel and increases situational awareness. SmartVISION forms the basis of the Frequentis Remote Virtual Tower solution.

Merging ATM and non-ATM IP networks

Frequentis offers a programme providing network capacity for specialised ATM applications and non-ATM specialised networks. Vitalsphere reduces ownership costs and has the potential to save up to 90% bandwidth.

The programme merges IP applications safely with end-to-end performance across IP infrastructure that would not be possible with conventional networks. System Wide Information Management (SWIM), virtual centres and remote towers are implemented in the programme.

This is an alternative to converged IP structures that may reduce operational costs but with added network safety.

Server for sharing IP communications for airports

Frequentis offers a server for sharing IP communications within ATM networks and the VCS3020X solution allows workloads, network resources and management responsibilities to be shared between control centres.

More than 22,000 air traffic controllers rely on the VCS3020X for their network communication every day. The communications server offers reliability without affecting the quality and safety levels.

ANSP information recording

The DIVOS delivers scalable recording of information that is equally functional. The programme is relied on by ANSPs and armed forces worldwide due to its low operational costs.

Meeting airport industry standards

Frequentis has an extensive commitment to research programmes such as SESAR2020 and the Aviation System Block Update (ASBU) initiative working hand-in-hand with ANSPs, ICAO, Eurocontrol and additional industrial partners to keep its solutions at the forefront of ATM technology.

The Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme that Frequentis is a part of aims to deliver ATM and AIM in an open service-oriented architecture (SOA). This will enable virtualised private Cloud services.

Having developed and deployed the AIXM5.1 for all of Europe with EAD, this is the only fully ADQ compliant solution that has also successfully passed an EASA certification audit.

About Frequentis

The company has installed 25,000 operator systems worldwide since it was founded in 1947. Approximately 400 customers rely on Frequentis technology across more than 130 countries.

Frequentis has more than 70 years of air traffic control (ATC) experience, displaying its leadership in the market. More than 20 years of AIM specific experience builds the foundation for the company’s expertise in this area.

Developing the company’s roots in control centre voice communications, Frequentis has gained expertise across civil aviation, maritime, public transport, and defence industries.

The focus on user-centric design, technology and innovation enables easier transition to new functionality in work environments. The company has driven this throughout its history with many industry firsts and will continue to do so as the industry evolves with ATC at the centre of all it does.

Rethinking ATC Towers

Frequentis explores how aging towers or resources can be managed cost-effectively.

Sharjah International Airport Expansion

Sharjah International Airport is undergoing a major expansion project to increase its passenger handling capacity to approximately 20 million annually by 2025.

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport, which is expected to be north China’s commercial aviation hub, was opened for operations in September 2019, following more than four years of construction.

Jersey International Airport

Jersey International Airport, located in the parish of Saint Peter Jersey, is the only airport and gateway to Channel Islands.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Expansion

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the main hub airports in Europe and offers services to 319 national and international destinations.

Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport Expansion

Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport is located in the province of Nouaceur, about 30km south-east of Casablanca. It is currently the fourth busiest airport in Africa and the busiest airport serving Morocco. The airport handled 7,290,314 passengers in 2011, serving 40 airlines.

SESAR JU Kicks off Urban Air Mobility Research Project GOF 2.0

With the further enhancement of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air taxis in the rapidly growing drone market comes the need for the evolution of technologies and framework conditions for their safe coexistence with manned aircraft.

Poland Enhances Air Situation Picture with FREQUENTIS and PANSA

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has worked together with Frequentis to implement the next generation tower flight data management system, Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFES) to reduce air traffic controller (ATCO) workload and increase situational awareness.

Drones Support Estonian Emergency Services During Pandemic

Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) has enlisted the support of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) manufacturer Threod Systems and Frequentis to support Estonian blue-light forces with a series of essential drone operations during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Frequentis Partners with Dimetor for Safe BVLOS Drone Flights

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations play an important part in the future of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), helping to address issues relating to public safety, industrial inspection and urban air mobility.

Final SESAR JU GOF U-space Piloted Air Taxi Demo Flight Completed

On 29 August, the final SESAR JU Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space demonstration was carried out in Helsinki, Finland, demonstrating how integrated air traffic management (ATM) and unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems enable urban air mobility.

First Demos of GOF U-Space Project Carried Out

The first two demos have been completed to mark the first steps in the Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space very large demonstrator and a leap for the implementation of unmanned traffic management (UTM) in Europe.

Frequentis to Provide Remote Tower for SANS

Frequentis has been selected for the delivery of a deployable mobile tower for the Saudi Air Navigation Services' (SANS) air traffic control (ATC) modernisation programme.

Remote Tower Technology from Frequentis Selected for Brazil ANSP

The Brazilian Airspace Control Department DECA via the Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Air Space Control System (CISCEA) has chosen Frequentis to provide a remote control tower visualisation system (SVR-TWR) at the Santa Cruz Airfield in Brazil.

Frequentis Delivers ATM Network Solution in Malaysia

Frequentis has installed its vitalsphere IP network solution at 23 sites in the Kuala Lumpur Flight Information Region (FIR), including the Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre (KL ATCC), marking a major milestone in the project.

Frequentis Predicts Converged UTM and ATM

Integrating unmanned traffic management (UTM) and air traffic management raises concerns over safety, as well as ensuring that aviation, people on the ground and structures are not negatively affected.

Frequentis to open Middle East office in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Frequentis has announced it will be opening of a new office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which aims to deliver a sales and support service that will continue to expand the company's worldwide network.

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