Acciona Airport Services assists with passenger handling, loading and sheet operations, as well as ramp and cargo applications, ticket sales, de-icing, air bridges, and VIP services at airports.

The company has implemented the latest airport and aircraft assistance technologies to facilitate process control and optimise daily airport operations.

Acciona Airport Services regularly introduces new procedures and technologies to maintain its high-quality services and resource optimisation.

Passenger handling services

Acciona Airport Services provides comprehensive passenger services and airport assistance, including passenger check-in and computerised check-in systems, flight connection assistance (transfer desks) and passenger embarkation. It also helps operators in the event of flight problems, such as excess luggage charges, and provides special passenger assistance to children and VIPs.

In addition, the company offers flight statistic reports, luggage search services (search and distribution), flight editing, document verification and overbooking resolutions.

Airport loading operations and sheets

Acciona Airport Services also offers assistance during aircraft change-overs via a specialised agent.

The company provides assistance during the engine start-up, crew assistance, ramp coordination, crew briefing, ground-to-air communication (VHF), load planning, control of unit load devices (ULDs), service coordination, and supervision and preparation of loading sheets.

Ramp and cargo services

Acciona Airport Services assists with ground operations, including loading and unloading suitcases and freight, dragging and thrusting aircraft, drinking and wastewater services, and aircraft de-icing operations. It also cleans passenger and crew cabins, auxiliary equipment, tyres, electrical and air-conditioning units.

The company transports passengers, crew members, suitcases and freight, as well as special cargo and hazardous goods between aircraft and terminals.

Tickets sales management for commercial airlines

Acciona Airport Services manages reservations and ticket sales for airlines, providing their customers with ticket desks and complementary services, including excess luggage handling.

A document management system is available to support communication with employees, facilitating the implementation of specific procedures and requirements of the airline companies.

The company also provides an online shift system for employees, allowing shift changes, requests or preferences to help them reconcile work and family life.

Air bridge operation services

Acciona Airport Services helps customers to position telescopic gangways, enabling easier passenger embarkation and disembarkation.

The company has revised and adapted its environment, surveillance and operation systems, and uses operation management systems that differ from other handling agents.

It also cooperates with handling equipment providers to improve their designs.

VIP lounge management, catering and specialised information desks

Acciona Airport services also offers VIP lounge management, including catering and specialised information desks services.

Personalised transport services in airport terminals are also available.

About Acciona Airport Services

Acciona Airport Services belongs to Acciona Service, the Services division within Acciona Group, which is currently present at six international airports, and the main handling operator in Germany and Spain. The company has been operating at Santiago Airport (SCL) in Chile since December 2016, and will shortly commence services at five other regional airports in the country.

The company was established in 1994 on a business model based on the quality of the service, security, innovation and adaptability of their handling processes to each different customer.

Acciona Airport Services incorporates continuous improvement, which is reflected in its internal procedures and way of working in airports. The company holds safety certificates (ISAGO), and complies with standards concerning the prevention of labour risks (OHSAS), quality (ISO 9001) and the environment (ISO 14001).

The company is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC), and actively participates in safety, security and IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) divisions.