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Liquid Automation Systems

Automated Aviation Fuel and Aircraft De-Icing Fluid Management

916 Belcher Drive,
AL 35124,
United States of America

916 Belcher Drive,
AL 35124,
United States of America

Liquid Automation Systems provides products and services to help maximize efficiencies and cost saving on de-icing operations and fuel and glycol management.

De-icing systems and solutions glycol blending products

LAS-USA Glycol Pro™-blending products assist your aircraft de-icing fluid (ADF) management by allowing you to:

  • Drastically reduce your glycol usage
  • Reduce glycol costs and environmental impact
  • Double your onsite ADF storage without adding a single tank
  • Easily blend to LOUT by desired freeze point, volumetric blend ratio, acutal glycol-to-water ratio or brix reading
  • Easily re-blend up or down depending on weather conditions
  • Reduce your freight costs and storage costs
  • Flow rates from 150GPM to 1,000GPM
  • Type I, IV and runway de-ice dispensing
  • Track your usage by customer, tail number and truck
  • Manage and reconcile inventories automatically and in real-time
  • Real-time automated reporting reduces administrative load
  • Insure your de-icing systems are ready for the season

Blending system for type I ADF

The Glycol Pro Jr&#8482, Glycol Pro™ Mobile, Glycol Pro™ Skid and Glycol Pro™ Modular blending systems are designed to provide an easy-to-use system for blending various mix ratios of type 1 aircraft de-icing fluid ADF) and water-based on the principle of refractive index and ADF lowest operational use temperature (LOUT).

As temperatures change, ADF requirements alter so the Glycol Pro Jr allows the user / operator to adjust blend concentration of ADF with an easy-to-use touch screen interface or an optional remote operating panel from 10%-70% glycol by volume in as little as 1% increments. Precision valve modulation controls the temperature compensated glycol blend to an accuracy of + / – 1% glycol by volume with flow rates of 125GPM. With the Glycol Pro Jr blending is as easy as pushing a button.

Touch-screen interface provides operators with complete monitoring of the blending process including:

  • Start / stop controls
  • Blend adjustment controls
  • Glycol and water control valve position indicators
  • Pump status indicators
  • Blended fluid concentration indicators
  • Multiple alarm condition indicators
  • Alarm acknowledge/ reset control

The Glycol Pro Jr arrives to site pre-assembled, tested and is ready to use once fluid and electrical connections have been made. All piping is stainless steel and is protected by a NEMA rated weatherproof steel enclosure.

Precision ADF management system

With today’s increasing energy costs and environmental regulations the need for a precision ADF management system has never been greater. The benefits of Glycol Pro include:

  • Reducing energy costs by allowing facilities to purchase and store concentrated glycol ADF instead of pre-blended ADF
  • With pre-blended ADF you’re paying to transport, process and store water that is already available at most sites
  • Replacing pre-blend ADF with concentrate can almost double on site storage capacity without the need for additional tanks
  • Having the ability to deliver a custom-blend of ADF to de-icing units to meet specific daily weather conditions reduces costs associated with wasted glycol and the effects of run-off into nearby ecosystems

Aviation fuel and ADF management 

AvTrol&#8482 fluid management products assist your aviation fuel and ADF management, by allowing you to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Improve accounting accuracy
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Provide real-time inventory control and reconciliation
  • Interface with your existing accounting and line service software

Battery-powered tank telemetry systems

The tank telemetry systems are battery-powered and web-enabled, which allows you to:

  • Prevent fluid exhaustion during weather events
  • Cost effectively view your glycol tank levels from any PC or smart phone with internet connectivity
  • Set automatic reorder levels and have emails sent directly to purchasing or fluid suppliers for replenishment
  • Track usage by product over any given time range
  • Verify amounts of bulk receipts
  • See all tanks locations via google maps
  • Detect leak and unauthorized fluid movement

Complete aviation fuel and aircraft de-icing fluid management and accountability from pipeline to flight line to bottom line – LAS-USA has the solution.

Liquid Automation Systems

916 Belcher Drive


AL 35124


United States of America