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Digital Signage Software for the Airport Industry

YCD Multimedia provides content management platforms for digital signage in airports.

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YCD Multimedia provides content management platforms for digital signage in airports.

YCD Multimedia is more than just a digital signage company; we’re dedicated to making your airport digital signage needs a reality. How do we do it? By providing your airport with the platform and tools you need to create a truly memorable multimedia experience for travellers, commuters, and support personnel.

Content management platform for digital airport signage

Using cutting-edge digital signage technology, and a spark of creative ingenuity, YCD Multimedia created Cnario Suite. Cnario Suite is a powerful digital signage platform that gives you the tools necessary to craft highly-engaging, fully-immersive unique experiences.

It provides your audience with informational, promotional and interactive content. No matter what kind of information you need to get to your travellers and airport employees, YCD Multimedia can find an innovative solution tailored to your exact needs.

YCD specialises in digital signage software, which provide information boards and interactive content in airports.
The company’s platform allows clients to create bespoke signs.
YCD’s Cnario solution incorporates state-of-the-art signage technology and HD content management capabilities.
Digital signs are used to provide real-time information for airport passengers and personnel.
YCD’s partners are available to assist clients with installation and technical support with their digital signage requirements.

Real-time travel information for airports

Now, individuals travelling through terminals can get up-to-the-minute access to travel information, weather, cultural events, delays, rental car information, wayfinding assistance, and courtesy messaging, while connecting with existing airport systems to provide flight information and other feeds from existing vendors from one simple, accessible user interface.

But they’re not the only ones who benefit from our hard work. With Cnario, you’ll experience happier, less stressed travellers and with targeted advertising and seamless interactive content, you’ll see increases in sales in high-revenue generating areas of the airport, such as stores and restaurants.

Digital signage training and system monitoring tools

Because we’re the best at what we do. Our flagship product, Cnario Suite, is one of the most powerful digital signage suites in the transportation industry. We take pride in connecting you with all the tools you need to create, approve, broadcast, and update your high definition (HD) content effortlessly.

Our training and system monitoring tools, such as Watchdog, are included with every install, meaning you’ll never be without knowledgeable experts to help you get the most from your digital signage.

Industry-leading digital signage solutions

When you choose YCD Multimedia, not only do you get over 20 amazing years of experience with the world’s biggest brands, you also get the benefit of a vast and diverse collaboration of industry leaders. Members of our partner programme are industry gurus that provide key knowledge for every aspect of your digital signage solution.

Whether it’s consulting and integration, software and hardware, or content development, our partners definitely know their stuff, and are ready to work together to help you get the most out of your digital signage.

White Papers

  • Cnario Suite Software Case Study: Zurich Airport

    Zurich Airport selected YCD Multimedia's Cnario Suite content management solution to meet their up-to-the-minute standards. Cnario is able to manage hundreds of screens, detailing accurate real-time arrival and departure data. It also handles screens in baggage claim, providing travellers with up-to-date baggage location information.

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