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3D Interaction Technologies

Interactive 3D Airport Visualisations for Marketing, Documentation and Training

3D Interaction Technologies (3DIT) creates interactive, high-performance real-time 3D visualisations for terminal planning, installations and landside infrastructure applications using gaming and movie technology in one.

Schubertstraße 39,
01307 Dresden,

3D Interaction Technologies (3DIT) creates interactive, high-performance real-time 3D visualisations for terminal planning, installations and landside infrastructure applications using gaming and movie technology in one.

The company has developed innovative 3D Govie® real-time solutions that allow users to interact with the cinematic product showcase. A Govie can be viewed on a laptop, or plug-in-free 3D web browsers, displaying complex terminal equipment and designs, as well as complete airports.

Interactive real-time 3D visualisations of airport facilities

3DIT produces virtual Govie presentations and models of airport products, facilities and technologies, which can be rotated, zoomed, configured, operated and taken apart in real-time. As no rendering is required upfront, the user is completely free to explore the entire model.

Photo-realistic 3D computer graphics are combined with real-time gaming engineering and technical expertise to create the Govie. It can be used during the development of airport facilities such as baggage systems, and in particular for operation and maintenance training of ground support equipment to replace old documentation manuals.

The Govie can be used in interactive mode to allow individual customers to explore key features and documents in a 3D context, and develop their understanding of products, including customising features with various design options to match terminal interior design.

Real-time 3D imaging of terminal equipment

3DIT’s solutions allow airports to preview design plans for terminal installations such as lighting and seating solutions with complete, almost photorealistic interactive 3D models that can be customised by the client.

It is a cost-effective alternative to a video with added features for testing and tailoring specific elements. This makes it suitable for marketing, data visualisation and simulation for showcasing airport facilities and leaving a lasting effect.

All Govies created by 3DIT can be easily shared online with customers or employees without any need for prior software installation. The Govie-Editor allows clients to create and edit their own Govies using the tailored platform.

Streamlined and interactive 3D video presentations

Govie story mode creates a video highlighting product elements scene by scene, suitable for exhibiting a range of features such as individual terminal installations, passenger spaces and complete building plans to large audiences.

The presentation can be paused at any point, allowing customers to explore elements of the model in the middle of a scene, then carry on the video when they are ready.

Videos created in story mode can also be embedded onto client or video streaming websites and can be easily viewed on a wide range of platforms due to data compression. Camera-filmed videos may also be included in a Govie.

Virtual walkthroughs and 3D configurators for airport design projects

3DIT’s customised 3D walkthroughs help to view and evaluate planned terminals in a virtual audit or during the operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT) process, which includes safety and hygiene concepts, baggage handling, and airport interiors, before they are actually built or opened. It creates a high-quality 3D model of an airport building, logistics or equipment project that can be explored seamlessly on PCs and laptops. The concept is to make use of already existing 3D CAD data and to close gaps between knowledge transfer islands.

3DIT’s configurators provide a quick and clear overview allowing clients to preview and customise products to their specification. Configurators feature a 3D product model of various airport products with comprehensive product information and integration into modular systems.

Data viewers are also available to display and manage large quantities of information from airport running systems and simulations. Interactive data is displayed in real-time within a 3D model of the environment.

About 3DIT

Founded in 2013 and based in Dresden, Germany, 3DIT is a pioneer in creating 3D real-time visualisations for industrial applications.

The company creates synergies between experienced engineers, computer scientists, designers and marketing specialists to develop cutting-edge presentation tools and 3D solutions for the industrial sector.

Govie: A Change of Paradigm

Govie combines game and movie technology to create a 3D interactive and video-like product model and presentation in one.

3D Operation and Maintenance Training

One main challenge in large technical projects is closing knowledge gaps when it comes to training, instructing, substituting and assisting staff.

3D Configurators

3DIT configurators allow customers to view a range of products and customise them to their requirements.

3D Interaction Technologies GmbH

Schubertstraße 39

01307 Dresden