Daktronics provides reliable and rugged digital LED technology for information displays across airports.

Airport visitors refer to LED displays for guidance as they arrive, depart and make their way around facilities. Displays can be used for informing passengers, creating engaging designs, as well as showcasing third-party advertisements for airport businesses.

High-quality LED passenger information displays for airports

Our LED technology can be used for displaying consolidated listings of flights, destination weather forecasts and advertising across airports.

Daktronics provides display screens with intuitive control software and crystal-clear clarity that are easy to integrate with existing airport networks.

Daktronics can provide large-scale LED technology suitable for a range of airport applications.
LED displays can be used for airline signage at airport check-in desks.
Our LED technology is suitable for airport information systems, as well as advertising campaigns.
LED signage at kerbside drop-off areas can lower traffic congestion.
Daktronics has provided passenger information display systems for airports worldwide, including Paris Charles de Gaulle in France.
Flight information display systems can be integrated with advertising and general information.
We have provided LED display screens for airlines such as Qantas.
LED technology can be used with multiple screens to create a storyboard to display artwork or advertisements.
Our LED screens are designed to be easily integrated into existing airport display systems.

Our technology helps to create a sense of place at airports worldwide, with centrepieces that can be used anywhere in the airport.

LED displays for airport passenger messages and videos

Our solutions can be used for marquees, entertainment or advertising purposes. Message display marquees can be used to at airport entrances, making a first impression and welcoming visitors with the required information.

Entertainment solutions can be implemented using our indoor video displays. They can be used to display eye-catching graphics and create a relaxed environment for visitors to the airport.

Daktronics solutions allow clients to maximise revenue for on-site retailers with promotional advertising displays. They can highlight promotions, concessions and local events across the airport.

Durable flight information display systems

Our flight information display systems (FIDS) offer consolidated listings with full flight details in large public and baggage claim areas. The screens feature in-built control software with full clarity and can be easily integrated with existing systems at the airport.

With wide viewing angles and smaller pixel spacing, information is legible for visitors and passengers hurrying through a crowded terminal. The lifespan of our FIDS displays is up to three times that of other available solutions. We carry out robust product testing to ensure products can serve your airport 24 hours a day, all year long.

Message and indoor video displays for airports

Our message displays are suitable for providing drivers waiting at the kerbside with the latest flight information, resulting in reduced traffic at drop-off and pick-up areas. Airside, the displays can share the latest gate, flight and weather information, as well as baggage claim carousel locations for arrivals.

Indoor video displays are designed to keep passengers up-to-date about flight arrivals, departures and cancellations to minimise waiting time at the gate.

Airport advertising displays for premium brands

Daktronics’ digital advertising displays are designed to increase non-flight revenue at airports.

High-quality LED displays at airports are a prime advertising opportunity for premium brands. Retailers can display exclusive offers and products for pre-flight shopping opportunities.

Wayfinding displays for airports

Airport visitors expect clear and direct information across the airport, from the entrance to the departure gate. Finding their way around is often a priority for passengers.

Daktronics LED screens are available in small or large format, offering an efficient way for passenger terminals to manage the movement of people. Our systems can improve the passenger experience and reduce stress in busy environments.

Airport parking and kerbside message displays

Detailed directions and building information using our LED message displays can minimise the time it takes travellers to circulate airport roadways, as well as reduce kerbside congestion by changing airline drop-off areas based on flight schedules.

Daktronics provides space availability displays, which are designed to increase traffic safety and parking revenue with accurate information locating nearby open parking spaces.

Message displays can be used inside the terminal building, highlighting common-use counters and enhancing the check-in process with high-quality graphics.