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World-Class Safety Systems, Assurance and Training for Air Traffic Management

Plan Safe delivers world-class safety systems, assurance and training for air traffic management (ATM) across the Asia Pacific region.


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Plan Safe delivers world-class safety systems, assurance and training for air traffic management (ATM) across the Asia Pacific region.

We offer a combination of aviation expertise, including safety, project management, systems engineering, executive leadership and stakeholder engagement within air traffic management.

Safety and support services for air traffic management

Our consultants understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the industry with more than 30 years of experience with air navigation service providers (ANSP) such as Airservices Australia, NATS UK, and Singapore CAAS.

Offering extensive knowledge of the current ANSP landscape and its future, we are working on a number of innovations in this field to meet changing consumer habits. Plan Safe can deliver future-proof safety outcomes for your systems, people, passengers and the public.

Plan Safe delivers air traffic management (ATM) safety services across the Asia Pacific and has a detailed understanding of the local market.
Safety support for future ATM systems includes low-level eVTOL airspace management and regulatory approval.
Plan Safe offers operational expertise combined with pragmatic safety solutions.

We provide a full range of expert services to the air traffic management industry, including:

  • Risk management and governance
  • Functional safety and human factors
  • Safety and human factors training
  • Regulatory and operator engagement
  • Systems engineering
  • Strategy and systems development
  • Future ATM concept planning
  • Safety policy, regulation and procedures development
  • Safety management system (SMS) development and audit
  • Just culture and safety culture programs
  • Stakeholder engagement and strategic communications
  • Project management and change management
  • Verification and validation (requirements engineering)
  • Resilience and crisis management planning

Systems safety training for air traffic control

Our team and strategic partners have delivered systems safety courses to civil and defence aviation clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. We provide system safety courses that equip participants with the skills to manage system safety during the entire product lifecycle, as well as courses on aviation safety management systems.

Our courses are designed for aviation project managers and engineers involved in the development or modification of communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) and ATM systems, as well as operational staff involved in the development or change of ATM operational aspects such as airspace changes and procedures.

Plan Safe courses are targeted to the specific audience with our ‘fundamentals of aviation safety’ courses available for managers and those with safety as part of their overall responsibilities. Our advanced courses provide further detail for civil and defence aviation safety practitioners, exploring the relevant methods and standards used for achieving safe outcomes in the aviation industry.

Operational safety and safety change management

Implementing any new technology can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to meeting the requirements of safety-focused service providers and regulators. Plan Safe will help you effectively navigate these challenges while ensuring consistent, outcome-focused engagement both internally and externally.

Our approach to functional safety and human factors in the design and implementation of CNS/ATM systems is pragmatic, giving you the opportunity to reduce risk, maximise opportunities and provide operational improvements through user-centred design.

Plan Safe has also led multiple new technology projects from a safety perspective by delivering technological solutions for air traffic control and other high-risk environments.

Concept of operations development

Comprehensive concept of operations (CONOPS) is vital when planning your project. We will help develop, update, understand and deliver your CONOPS and operational plans to ensure projects are successfully delivered.

We can facilitate and document CONOPS for technical systems, as well as undertake cost benefit analysis (CBA) and quantitative risk analysis (QRA) for significant changes.

Our relevant experience in this area includes being involved in the development of CONOPS for future ATM systems, including low-level eVTOL airspace CONOPS.

Safety management systems for airport operations

We are experts at creating tailored and effective SMS for ANSPs, ATM suppliers and other complex organisations.

We work with you to ensure systems address all ICAO and local regulatory and operational requirements. Our team has experience developing integrated management systems that address safety, risk, quality, environment and human factors.

Our expert team can also provide auditing and appraisal of SMS to ensure systems are compliant and effectively implemented.

Risk management and governance programmes

We have expertise in providing holistic governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services to clients. We focus on the continual research and development of new and innovative change and risk management processes, techniques and applications.

Our GRC services include the establishment of accreditation and competency frameworks, policies, plans and evaluation of organisational risk management maturity, as well as recommendations.

Plan Safe can help you deliver successful aviation project. Contact us using the enquiry form to organise a meeting and learn more about how our unique services can add value to you.

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