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IHSE Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) Extenders, Matrix Switches and Video Converters


IHSE is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) extenders and switches.

The company’s KVM technology enables remote switching, bidirectional extension and conversion of primary computer signals, including digital visual interface (DVI), high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), 4K DisplayPort, digital audio and USB.

IHSE offers an extensive range of KVM switches and extenders that offer uninterrupted signal transmission, as well as high operability, resilience and transfer speeds.

Its solutions are used by renowned companies and institutions across air traffic control, broadcasting, post-production, banking, healthcare, maritime, education and government sectors.

KVM products for signal switching, extension and conversion

IHSE’s KVM products create a more inviting and productive workspace for employees or customers by extending the reach of computer peripherals away from their primary sources, central processing unit (CPUs) and servers.

KVM solutions eliminate the need for multiple keyboards and move CPUs away from workstations to reduce clutter, environmental noise and total power consumption.

IHSE offers products for switching, extending and converting multiple signal formats using either Cat X or fibre-optic cabling.

The company’s extender modules support a range of formats, such as DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, analogue and digital audio, USB-HID, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RS-232 and RS-422.

KVM matrix switches

IHSE’s matrix solutions enable switching between various sources and remote consoles. Any connected console featuring peripherals can access any other connected computer within the network.

Matrix switching defines a connection between sources and peripherals. IHSE’s unique Draco tera switches offer fast KVM switching, providing full computer access without delays, and up to 288 I / O ports can be configured.

Sources and peripherals are automatically recognised and mapped, without manual re-configuration.

KVM extenders

With KVM extenders, users can re-locate their computers or CPU servers at longer distances than allowed by standard cables. The extenders can be interconnected via copper cables (Cat X) or fibre-optic cabling at ranges of up to 10km.

IHSE’s extenders connect users to peripherals, such as keyboards, monitors, and USB-HID and USB 2.0 accessories, as if they were located directly at the workstation. Relocating CPU devices in separate rooms makes it easier to protect critical CPUs and servers from dirt, moisture and unauthorised access.

The company’s solutions eliminate heat and noise disturbances produced by CPUs and servers, making them suitable for a range of environments, such as financial and data centres, sound studios, hospitals, air traffic control towers, and seagoing vessels with limited equipment space.

Video converters

IHSE’s media conversion technology enables clients’ older protocols and computer display technology to work effectively with the latest equipment and digital display devices.

The company’s video converters have evolved from a basic stop-gap technology concept to a critical solution for a customer’s maintenance and service requirements.

Converter modules allow a variety of formats, such as CGA, EGA, RGB, S-Video, Component Video, SDI and HD-SDI, to be displayed on newer DVI flat panel displays, extending the lifecycles of industrial and commercial-grade electronic equipment.

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Press Release

IHSE Exhibiting KVM Solutions at IBC 2018

IHSE will be showcasing its latest KVM innovations at the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

White Papers

IHSE KVM Solution Distributes Real-Time Information at Frankfurt Airport

This case study looks into the installation of Draco tera compact matrix switches in the control centre and simulation rooms at Frankfurt Airport in Germany.


Maybachstrasse 11

D-88094 Oberteuringen


+49 7546 9248 0 +49 7546 9248 48

IHSE Images

Press Release

8 August 2018

IHSE will be showcasing its latest KVM innovations at the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Read more
29 May 2018

Be there to see and experience IHSE's latest advanced KVM products at the InfoComm Event.

Read more
23 May 2018

IHSE's Draco vario Remote IP CPU transforms both the keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) market and the virtual machine space by joining the two systems to create a streamlined solution.

Read more
15 May 2018

IHSE has won Best of Show at NAB2018 for the Draco ultra series of keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) products.

Read more

Regional Offices


Maybachstrasse 11

D-88094 Oberteuringen


+49 7546 9248 0 +49 7546 9248 48

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