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Substance Vapour Screening Devices for Airports

Electronic Sensor Technology provides vapour screening systems for passengers and luggage at airports.

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Electronic Sensor Technology provides vapour screening systems for passengers and luggage at airports.

Our zNose® range of devices monitors air chemistry to identify potential threats. The equipment can also recognise odours from known threats and detects suspicious odours that are not usually found in an aircraft or airport.

Explosives screening device for airports

zNose screens passengers and luggage and can complement existing screening technologies. It can also be used to screen and monitor airport facilities for chemical odours and improvised explosives.

The device provides enhanced situational awareness at airports compared with conventional security sensor systems as it examines the chemistry of the environment. In addition, it provides an early warning of a dangerous chemical emission as soon as it identifies a dangerous chemical and can track the progression of hazardous materials or smoke from a fire.

Electronic Sensor Technologies provides portable and computer-based screening devices at airport security facilities.
zNose monitors air chemistry to identify harmful chemical substances, complementing airport screening processes.
zNose makes use of VaporPrint technology to quickly assess unknown chemicals.

Airport passenger and luggage screening for hazardous chemicals

zNose is an effective investigative tool that offers a clear visual image of specific vapour mixtures containing an extensive range of chemicals.

The device is easy to calibrate and use, featuring fast operation to detect a wide range of vapour concentrations. It utilises pattern recognition and VaporPrint™ technology to view and identify complex ambient environments, enabling fast assessment of unknown vapours.

Customs inspections, forensic laboratories and other federal and state law enforcement agencies have used the zNose screening tool.

Advanced substance screening for airports

Traditional ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology used in the screening process can be slower and less sensitive when compared with zNose.

Objects inspected using IMS are swabbed outside the surface and analysed for traces of substances that may be inside them. This technique only detects traces of dangerous chemical particles, which can be avoided if the objects are cleaned of the substances to avoid discovery.

zNose offers increased accuracy and sensitivity to substances that could be missed due to human error during traditional luggage and passenger inspections at congested airport security checkpoints.

Wireless vapour screening device for airports

zNose can operate within a wireless network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or radio frequency modems with a range of up to one mile and be remotely linked using an Internet connection.

Recent advanced models of zNose are completely mobile with a built-in connection.

We provide online product support and an internet connection can be used within an airport security system to provide an oversight using a central monitoring station, as well as update new threat signatures to all zNose devices in the facility.

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