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Interior Design Products and Façades for Airports

Lindner manufactures and installs high-quality interior products and façades for airports.

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Lindner high-quality solutions for airports

Lindner manufactures and installs high-quality interior solutions and façades for airports.

The company’s R&D department and designers are dedicated to meeting the client’s individual requirements for airport terminals, lounges, shops and offices.

Passenger terminal interiors for the aviation industry

Lindner refurbishes passenger terminal interiors for airports worldwide.

The company supplies customised, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products such as metal ceilings, partition systems, wall claddings, floor and lighting systems.

Lindner manufactures and installs high-quality interior solutions and façades for airports. Photo: © Rodrigo Vargas Photography.
Suspended metal ceilings at Canberra International Airport. Photo: © Lindner, Arnstorf.
Customised threedimensional shaping metal ceilings at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. Photo: © Wikipedia.
Suspended metal ceilings, partitions, and wall claddings at Mauritius International Airport. Photo: blast Communications, Mauritius.
Chilled ceilings, expanded metal ceilings, stainless steel wall claddings, raised floor systems, insulation and glazing works, complete shop and lounge interiors at Frankfurt Int. Airport. Photo: © Lindner, Arnstorf.
Customised canopy ceilings for Heinemann shops at Vienna International Airport. Photo: © Lindner, Arnstorf.
Complete interior outfitting for the Lufthansa first-class lounge at Munich International Airport. Photo: © Lindner, Arnstorf.
Multifunctional totems, various suspended metal ceilings, blast resistant double glazed facades, partition systems, and metal bulkheads at London Heathrow International Airport, Terminal 5. Photo: © BAA Limited
Customised lighting and suspended, triangular metal ceiling at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport. Photo: © Leonid Borzenkov.
Raised floor and suspended metal ceiling systems at Vienna International Airport. Photo: © Werner Huthmacher, Berlin.

At Frankfurt International Airport, Lindner installed suspended expanded metal and chilled ceilings, raised and hollow floors, wall claddings, shop façades, partitions, and specific built-in furniture for the airport’s lounge interiors. The contracts were worth more than €80 million.

Roofing systems and envelopes for passenger terminals

Lindner’s steel and glass business division completes our portfolio for building envelopes. Together with Lindner Façades and Lindner Roofing Systems, the company is now a comprehensive supplier of interior and exterior design solutions.

Interior components for airline passenger lounges

Lindner’s interior products for lounges include metal ceilings, partitions, floor systems, and furniture. These can be installed along with integrated technologies, such as heating / cooling and lighting systems, to adapt lounges for maximum comfort.

The company is also experienced in outfitting shops and offices, providing visually appealing storefronts to attract customers, and highly-effective acoustic solutions for offices.

Lounge projects are handled as turnkey or single-package solutions depending on client specification.

Lindner’s client base includes Air Berlin, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines, and Deutsche Lufthansa.

About Lindner

Since 1965, Lindner has been involved in the design, fabrication, supply and / or installation, and project management of interior outfitting.

In 1995, Lindner landed its first international milestone project with a €65 million order from Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport.

UK-based façade company Schmidlin has been part of the Lindner team since April 2006.

A former subsidiary of Schmidlin, Fassadentechnologie has set new standards in façade technology worldwide over the last 25 years.

The Lindner Group’s building envelope specialists at Prater in Surrey, UK, is experienced in designing and installing roofing systems.

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Press Releases

  • Lindner Constructs Five Pavilions for Oslo Airport Extension Project

    In the course of a large-scale extension project, Oslo Airport extended its capacities to about 30 million passengers per year. This project brought a western extension of the main terminal as well as the new construction of an additional pier, the so-called 'Pir Nord'. The latter is 300m in length, thus doubling the former size of the airport and extending it by 11 new gates and additional areas for restaurants, shops and restrooms.


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