Companies in most industries are not only aiming to improve internal processes, but also to make them more efficient and ergonomic. For handling packages, passenger baggage and special baggage, the use of Schmalz’s JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter can make the decisive difference.

The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is perfect for frequent, very quick transfer of lightweight goods with a weight of up to 35kg, and convinces through its functionality, safety and ergonomics.

Vacuum baggage lifter

Designed for small to medium loads, the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex shows its strengths in the ground handling of baggage at airports. Sorting different types of baggage, or loading and unloading chutes, conveyors or baggage wagons – in all these areas the JumboFlex demonstrates excellent ergonomics, flexibility, security and energy efficiency.

Advantages of vacuum baggage lifters

Considering the latest ergonomic findings, the tube lifter allows back-friendly working when handling packages and passenger baggage at an airport. The innovative operating element with an ergonomic and optimised lever shape allows precise single-hand operation.

The JumboFlex vacuum tube baggage lifter with suspension hook for loads of up to 35kg.
The JumboFlex vacuum baggage lifter with baggage gripper for loads of up to 35kg.
JumboFlex vacuum baggage lifter with alternating gripper for loads of up to 35kg.

The integrated quick-change function permits grippers to be changed in seconds without the need for tools, so the baggage lifter fits perfectly to the individual application.

With the two-in-one alternating gripper, the operator can easily switch between a mechanical suspension hook for work pieces that can hardly be sucked and the vacuum-operated baggage gripper.

A secure working area is guaranteed with the JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter. A non-return valve prevents the load from being dropped, even if the power fails.

The vacuum generator of the baggage lifter can be easily switched on and off at any work stoppage using the integrated radio control (SRC). Operating costs can therefore be reduced by up to 40%.

Vacuum tube lifters

The lifting tube has a diameter of 80mm or 100mm, depending on the maximum load, and the lifting speed is between 50m/min and 60m/min. The overall height of the JumboFlex is about 2,500mm and the lifting height is 1,500mm or 1,800mm, depending on the model.

The JumboFlex can be attached to a wall or column-mounted slewing crane or to a small crane system, making it highly flexible and easy to use in any working area. This unit is designed and equipped for single-hand operation, allowing for easy and precise lifting, handling, sliding, turning and lowering of all goods to be transported.

The vacuum needed for operation of the tube lifter can be generated using either an electrical pump or a pneumatic multi-stage ejector. An integrated one-finger controller is used to control the up and down movements of the lifting tube and release the transport materials from the suction pad system.

About Schmalz

Schmalz has its headquarters in Glatten in Germany’s Black Forest and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of vacuum technology. Its portfolio includes high-quality products and services in the areas of automation, handling and clamping technology.

Founded in 1910, Schmalz offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions to customers from many different industries. In 2008 the company had a total of 570 employees at its headquarters in Glatten and its 16 international subsidiaries.